Hello Son,

The Creator has already activated their DNA to accept the energies of this year. However, this will work if they are facing the correct way, and that is towards ascension.

We remind you what happens to stagnant water, it becomes stale and undrinkable. The properties of the water change and loose their nutrients. Same happens to when it is not utilised.

For younger children, tell them a bright future is beckoning for everyone who believes in God.

We remind you of an earlier channelling and we say the same to children.

Tell them; that the planet is changing into the most beautiful garden imaginable. This garden is going to have wonderful waterfalls, flowers, bushes and trees. It is giving off beautiful smells every where you go. Did you know that the planet too is alive, when you go to any plant or tree, it can read your thoughts. If you talk to a flower and say that it looks beautiful; the flower understands what you are saying and will be pleased. Try to touch and say hello to all the plants in the garden. Because they are alive; but we have lost the language to understand them. But you can learn very quickly, if we silence the mind and start listening.

Bring a plant for your children and let them make their own choice. Then let them look after it, even talk to it. It is important to respect nature and all its surroundings and show the children the beauty of the world of nature.

Tell him that the world is linked with families who care for each other.

Children are naturally inquisitive and trust their parents, so teach them what you know in stages.

The older ones can easily access the internet and research on their own; but guide them to your own favourite sites, it is vital to save time that they are directed.

Share openly in your circles of trust the messages of this year and let the belief inside of you grow stronger each day.

Your mother; children carry immense energies that light rooms that have remained dark for years. They believe in lore more than you think.

Message from Ascended Master Saida Khatoon
Channelled by Shazi
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