2 May 2012

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"The is Not Here to Rescue Humanity"


Plus: The End of the European Bank Monopoly?"

"Those Who Think They are Right, may simply Be Supporting their Own Beliefs"

"Understand the you have as a Creator Being"

An excerpt: "The ETs, the , the Galactic forces are not they themselves doing this. They are providing information and support for a faction that know of the Galactic Force beings, and are working in connection with them, but they are earth beings that have decided to fight and disperse those Powers That Be, to destroy them.
The Galactic still has that code of noninterference to allow the true evolution of humanity to their own power that guides them. They do not themselves go into the situation, plant bombs or deliver explosives to regions or areas that are then blown up, or go into the computers or destroy files that way. But they can help others who know of these matters by supporting them and energizing these matters in their own way.

Their position and role will be to assist humanity when the upheaval is complete. That is when they will appear, for then humanity that is in that position to accept their help will know of them, and will have reached a high enough level of consciousness that they are ready for those who would help teach, guide and support in the way that they have always planned it.

In the meantime there are beings on the planet that are born human but are of extraterrestrial origin. They have the right to do these actions, to oppose the Powers That Be, for they are "earthlings", having been born on the planet, and have the right to intercede in the affairs of those ones who are corrupt, dark and evil: those extraterrestrial beings who are controlling and running as the servants of those extraterrestrial beings.
While the Galactic forces cannot directly interfere in the affairs of humankind, they can and do oppose the Reptilian/Orion faction and all of those who are involved in those manipulations, those who are of extraterrestrial origin themselves. These are who this Awareness sees the Galactic Federation opposing directly and there is conflict between them, but it is not seen that the Galactic Federation types are directly intruding and interfering and doing things against them, their minions, against the plans, actions and taking place on the planet. Is this clear?

QUESTIONER: Yes it is. I wonder… next one refers to ETs, EDs, and he calls these extraterrestrials, extradimensionals. Are these the ones that you are referring to in the previous question?

COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness is referring to them indeed. It must be understood that the event of that is taking place is a monumental event; the planet herself is ascending and many are ascending with her at this time. This is a powerful event that is attracting much attention. There are those who are pro, and there are those who are con to the events that are unfolding. There are many layers of opposition and combat amongst them, some at the higher levels, some at the lower levels. Those of Light however will not intrude, for the purpose they hold is to assist in the spiritual evolution and the growth of consciousness of those who have reached that level where they can indeed move forward.

If they were to intervene and take over and simply do it all, then those who have as their spiritual goal to ascend because they have reached that place of heightened consciousness would be denied this very opportunity. Part of the process is to realize the oppression that is available against the evolution of , and that there is a need to oppose it. This Awareness would always recom-mend opposition at the deeper spiritual level where those who have corrupt power are denied, but some are driven to oppose them on the physical level for they have not quite reached enlightenment or awareness at a level that they would see and understand to indicate that opposing in this way is simply replacing one tyrant for another.

The Ascension Will Bring Spiritual Awareness & Understanding

Luckily there are many who are working at the spiritual level and this is not so completely across-the-board. This is why it is often so that in times past when a revolution occurred it is simply replacing of one regime with another, for there is no spiritual enlightenment. The Ascension will bring spiritual awareness and understanding. Opposition does not need to be the killing and maiming of others even if they are servants to the Dark, but rather the uplifting of conscious awareness, so that one can see that there are other ways to move forward.

This is again part of the variation of themes this Awareness has so often spoken of. Many may not experience it at this level and seek to have physical confrontation and battle, combating those forces, applying physical solutions to what are basically deep inner spiritual dilemmas. In order to go on one must finally walk away from violence on all levels. The enlightened extraterrestrial Galactic Force Beings have such enlightenment. It is for this reason they understand that simply fighting the battles of man and womankind is not the way forward, and would not benefit the spiritual evolution of each and every individual on the planet.

They understand the illusion of physicality and that to stay stuck in it would be detrimental to their own spiritual growth and development, as well as detrimental to human development and spiritual advancement. They wish for this to occur, and they know it is part of the spiritual plan of God at this time for Planet Earth. It is part of her plan and it is part of the plan of the many spiritual aspects of soul that have descended into the physical plane to experience this growth and development, this evolution and this Ascension. Does this make the matter clearer?"

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