21 May 2012 Channeler:

Beloveds ~

Keep steadfast on your path – many distractions are offered to your resolve.

Some souls are struggling to let go of the old fear-based ways – let them be.

Only You can spiritually enlighten yourself – some choose to live in realities where the lights are very dim;

This is a personal choice – the Light is there for every-One.

Do not look back – the Light is getting brighter – it is necessary to lift mankind out of the dark ages of
in fear, unaware of their true identity as sparks of .

Fear is a lack of Love – a lack of Trust – a severe lack of Faith in the power of Love within their own

The gigantic leap forward into an enlightened, illuminated way of life on Mother is well
underway. If the path gets too rocky, too for you to see clearly, take my hand and I will lead you.

I will with you and we will and sing and clear away the thick forest of your mind –

I live within you ~ I have Loved and nurtured you from the very beginning of your existence.

I am the bright Light that you are beginning to see – keep walking toward me as I beckon you.

I AM the One True Love of your Life – I AM your Higher-Self – I will never let you down.

Come closer ~ just a few more steps ~ and you will be HOME.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~* )O( * )O( * )O( *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~