Update: This video was re-uploaded to correct an error in the titles: This is historical, NOT recent archive footage.

This material was shot prior to the Sirius Documentary Project. It is not representative of the quality of presentation style of the upcoming film. However, in the months leading up to the film, Dr. Steven Greer, along with the Disclosure Project and CSETI teams, will be releasing archival witness testimony such as this. Please stay tuned to this channel for more.

For more information on the upcoming Sirius Documentary, please visit the link below. Your support is much appreciated. Funding for production will ensure that future valuable testimony such as this is documented in high quality.



Glen Dennis — Roswell, crash debris pp 475
Walter Haut — Roswell, military retracted press release “flying disc” pp 478
Mark Bean — scientist who describes creating a high voltage disc, Tesla technology, Thomas Townsend Brown (reference to Project Winterhaven), B2 Stealth Bomber (2 drive system): wings doped with depleted uranium


Book: The Disclosure Project by Dr. Steven Greer (2001)
Dr. Greer’s blog: