15 May 2012

Channeler: Julie Miller

Lead by Example

, ’s Weekly Message ~ May 15 – 22, 2012
Channeled by:
May 15, 2012
Dear ones always attempt to look at any happening moment with wisdom, not with negativity. Learn and understand the difference when applying this way of thinking into your everyday routine. Wisdom and truth go hand in hand. To be wise is to know your truth and from accepting every single truth that there is about yourself.
The transformation that is occurring within the many peoples of your world is an opportunity for each of you to assist in the process. You can help create this new beginning just by focusing your precious minds on those areas that satisfy your Higher Self for being here. You will know what these areas are that satisfy and fulfill you because they will inspire your with passion to learn more and to make that teaching or spiritual practice become one with you, it will fill you with exhilaration and provide you with a sense of accomplishment.

Because you are all so different, what will inspire you will not be the same for any two individuals. Each of you must figure out what it is that excites you and fulfils you. Allow your to draw you and take you there. Your will take you to where you are to be if you are paying attention to its direction. When you actively allow your to draw you to what it is that resonates with your and soul, you will be setting forth into motion the forces of your soul, these forces will connect you to the situations that will assist you to recognize your own personal purpose and then you will feel the emotional satisfaction that you are seeking. Even while allowing your to guide you and allowing one of us from the Divine Realm, you must do your part. You must make the choices from what is presented to you. You mustn’t wait for another to point it out for you, become assertive with your own journey – take control as each choice you make helps pave a path of the future you are creating. Stop being restless and do all the things that is only spoken of or thought of inside your mind. Overcome the fear of stepping out beyond your pre-set boundaries and venture into the unknown. You cannot truly lecture unless you truthfully have done what you are speaking and you have perfected through practice what it is you are stating verbally. Don’t allow your fears continue to control you. There is so much waiting for you to take hold of dear ones; come on reach for the stars and discover so much more. I will help you find your way, but I cannot do that unless you ask for me and listen to my guidance.
When you feel you are ready to assist the rest of your brothers and sisters with the transformation process that is still occurring, you will need to realize that there are still remaining fears that are preventing you from fully contributing in the enthusiasm of the entire transformation process. When you have finally overcome the fears that have been holding you back, then you will cease hiding behind false identities. Any fears you may have had of embarrassment you will learn have been entirely unsupported. We of the Divine do not cause these feelings. We encourage you to actively take part more often in positive self-talk and self-love.
Each of you are individuals, you are unique and very special. It is because of all this and more as to why it’s important to follow your heart rather what someone says, “What you ‘should’ do”. What is good for another does not mean it is right for you. It is unnecessary to find a nook where you can fit into a ‘normal’ crowd. What is normal for you and for the next can have very different meanings. When you allow your heart to guide you, you will attract similar likenesses with other people and spiritual practices. Don’t allow yourself to be drawn into something that you don’t agree with just to fit in. From doing this dear ones you are going against the inner nature of your soul.
Learn dear ones to communicate without the worry of what another person will think of you. You have the confidence to expand and increase your ability to speak articulately – I know you do! Venture into learning your chakras and what each of the seven basic chakras means for you. I work within the Throat Chakra. It is here where you and I will do a lot of work when you invoke my presence. By working together, you will learn to speak, think and act tactfully and accurately through your verbal expressions. Expressing yourself in a positive manner is a major step towards your search for the inner many of you are searching for.
Through your journey you will find yourself presented with a few obstacles that will require you to mature in your thinking and how you handle each situation. Dear ones, if you find yourself being offended by another person then maybe you need to take a good look at yourself and realize it is you that is creating any frustration from the communication of the situation. When you can actually focus your attention NOT on the Self-Centered judgment of negative experience, but instead seeking for the experiences that will encourage you to feel satisfied from within, then you will find that you will naturally attract the appreciation of your inherent value or significance that you seem to desire. Dear ones your ACTIONS demonstrate to the world who you truly are, not your words.
Appreciate dear ones when you are feeling the inner joy of creating your own life’s experiences, you will discover yourself in a place where you do not worry what others think about you. You will let them have their own ideas because you KNOW who you are. You have walked your journey; they have not walked in your shoes. What you know is what you know and no one can take your experiences away. The matureness of your mind and self will not be concerned about other people’s perception of how they would have done the same practice different. Your way of doing something is perfect for you. You lead by example dear ones, not by words and at the same time remembering to be respectful of each other’s ways of doing the same thing.
Pay attention dear ones to your emotional condition through the various stages of your journey and where you are going and allow it to guide you to where there is joy. You can only create in the present, don’t allow the past consume you. Make a point on ridding yourself from the negative emotions that are connected to past circumstances. They will only hold you back dear ones. And you will only attract others that will aid in antagonizing the fire that has been simmering for too long. When you are able to release yourself of all those things that have caused you to feel hurt, only then you will be freed from the past and you will be able to focus more clearly upon what it is you do want with happiness and joy.
When you discover the many joys that are in your life, you will be surprised most of them are not big, but made up of small and simple pleasures that bring your heart into a great peaceful state. When you really truly wish to discover joy, then tell yourself YOU WILL experience something that WILL bring you joy. The joy will come and like I have said it will come from what gives you the greatest pleasure. This requires active participation from you. Your thoughts and emotions are to be of pure loving intent. Focus clearly on the joy and fulfillment not on the lack of. Stop worrying what you do not have, and focus what you want from your heart and through the power of your thought you will create it. The more positive your thoughts the more you will attract positive people into your life. Your will draw them.
When you begin dear ones to manifest joy into your daily routine you will find yourself surrounded more often by positive minded people that will add to your joy. And through these interactions you will further discover exciting experiences that you have been wishing for. While moving positively through your journey you will also figure out that you are fulfilling your life’s purpose as a positive minded individual that is limitless and boundless with love and light that is always connected to God. You must allow others to have their own self-created emotional state and they must not force theirs on you. There is no right or wrong on your journey, only lessons that are opportunities to improve and perfect yourself.
While monitoring your emotional condition, learn to understand your thoughts that can cause serious emotional reactions. Think deeply about these things and find healthful ways restore joy and happiness into your emotions and reflect those healthy emotions wherever you go. When you are actively fulfilling your soul’s purpose you will experience a greater joy than you ever expected or known before.
Dear ones, you know it is your Ego that will mentally initiate you to fixate upon negative feelings in an attempt reinforce the danger or pain of a situation. When you find this occurring please reinforce positive affirmations, learn to uplift yourself through grounding and loving yourself. Accept those low negative feelings, but don’t allow the negative nature drag you down a dwindling spiral of negative emotions. Soar on your positive happy emotions and reach upwards and KNOW there are no limits to yourself and to your development and growth both spiritually and personally.
The old ways are slipping into a mass of chaos and confusion and the new will come in brilliance to quiet the confusion by giving a route and reality to those who persevere in their aspiration to further develop themselves.
In Grace of God, blessings and peace to each of you,
I AM through Julie Miller