Ascended Master, El Morya’s Weekly Message ~ May 08 – 15, 2012
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May 08, 2012

Dear ones the foundation which you create and build your great knowledge must be carefully laid and constructed so you can handle unforeseen and secondary, and your evolving spiritual practices that with care and consideration grow enthusiastically and empower you with strength, courage and so much wisdom. It is essential to understand the purpose as to why you build your spiritual foundations with Love, Wisdom and Inner-Power. The basic foundations that are your building blocks to yourself is quite necessary dear ones as they help direct you to your next level or phase of . The spiritual foundations I speak of are also known as the Threefold Flame A plume of pink, blue and gold – Love, wisdom and inner-power.

If you are not already well embedded in your basic spiritual foundations, as you continue to build up into higher levels, you may find yourself swaying with instability and uncertainty. Many dear souls who have not constructed their foundations thoroughly eventually find themselves facing blockages and stagnant growth. Then a lot of backtracking and correcting takes place. Each of you will reach great spiritual heights after experiencing lags of development, unforeseen circumstances that require you to step back for a brief period, and maneuvering through day-to-day challenges that occasionally spike just for a little excitement to keep you on your toes. {{Small laugh}}

Oh yes there are many stubborn ones out there among you who cannot admit their foundations are less than perfect, and suddenly all that was carefully constructed comes tumbling down. This is not a time to ridicule or make fun. It is a time to reach your love and to these folks. No one has a perfect foundation. All foundations laid occasionally require maintenance and updating and this because YOU keep growing and evolving. All your wisdom and knowledge dear ones you will achieve through truth and this truth enabled wisdom and knowledge will direct to the important and necessary building blocks of your being, strive to live in harmony, and love by living through your heart at all times.

From the non-physical side of your soul, each of you are immortal. Each of you are here living on your Earthly world to grow and become more than were in your previous life. As you grow and develop further along in this journey and path of the light, you are contributing to the overall growth and understanding of all people – THE WORLD OVER. Even though some of them have been very difficult, you needed the challenges you have experienced because they have helped you to fulfill the basic desire of your soul in this lifetime. Each day you read, practice, share, guide, or if you do the complete opposite you are creating by your choices now what your future will entail. It is never too late to change ones ways if they are old and not providing the greatest of good any longer, and adopting newer and more loving ways. Eventually, even the stubborn ones will concede eventually positive change is required and they have areas that require improvement. There is no one that does not require self-improving, no one is above another. Some of you have been on this path an awfully long time so they have been gathering information, practicing what they have learned, and aiming at perfecting longer, but they too know there is more; there always is more for everyone to learn and to become.

The concept of being separated from God was a grand illusion. Yet this illusion has served a great function that has allowed each of you to explore in vast detail what this concept is. Within time, you have discovered the wisdom and understanding of remaining connected which you always were to God, but also working together as a collective where everybody benefits from the experience, knowledge and growth of each other. There are more dear souls waking to this realization. They will catch up and they will contribute, learn and grow in their own speed through their own direction. We will speak of the stubborn ones that are among you for brief moment longer. The more stubborn ones will try to struggle against this unity, working together for the greater of good and towards Oneness with themselves and with God that includes the Unity of all Mankind as a working collective. The stubborn ones are not evil or wicked, they only require time to ponder and to think and most likely to re-think. No one can be forced into any path no matter the beneficial functions a path or way may hold. With love, compassion and understanding each person will come around as it’s the central nature of being who each of you are and within each of you is reason and truth. When the light bulb of understanding goes on, it is a most amazing light dear ones.

It is necessary dear ones to accept and understand even those people that may oppose your beliefs even if your beliefs are righteous and honourable. Appreciate and understand each person that you communicate with. Do not hold anger in your heart against anyone. It is more important to learn and understand the greater wisdom behind any words spoken or actions done. Understand dear ones the detrimental effects holding onto anger can have on your mind, body and spirit. You are emotional beings and you need to express what you feel in a healthful way that does not cause harm to yourself, those around you including harming Earth and all her beautiful creatures that share the planet with you. If you are angry, learn why and diffuse it efficiently and ensure there are no lingering effects hanging around by chakra and aura cleansing, and purifying your spirit through meditation and other methods that you have discovered as useful. Behind every outburst of emotion regardless what the emotion is, holds a lesson for you to learn and understand. Embrace these lessons as they hold knowledge that pertains to you.

From all the experiences you have endured you have revealed many truths about yourself and anyone who may have been involved. Let go of the negative adjectives you have been speaking and thinking and re-create your self-talk with positive affirmations and by telling yourself I love you more often. When you are truly ready you will be able to forgive those that have caused you harm and any harm you may have caused. If you feel guilty about something, discover why and forgive yourself for this heavy negative emotion. Let this baggage go dear ones. If someone has caused you to feel guilty take back your power with love and compassion. Re-building yourself gives you the opportunity to fine tune and attract the people to be part of your . Before you can truly love, you must love and care for you first. You are a priority. Never forget this. This is why I said earlier no one’s foundations are perfect. They require reconstructions and updating, and for some dear souls this may happen more often until they learn to break the cycles of self-destructing behaviours and ways. Love these folks, and love all people no matter where they are in life. You cannot change them because change must be wanted and must come from them; what you can do is love them unconditionally.

Dear ones please understand God does not look at any of you at any given time and think a mistake has been made. Never. Each of you are born of perfection, love and each of you has a distinctive purpose. You may not feel you are at times, but each of you are fulfilling your purpose right now just as you are. Even the most apparent error can position certain situations into action that would have never come to pass if were not for the mistake in the first place. Your growth and experiences that are created are part your accomplishment of God’s final outcome for each of you.

As we prepare to close our transmission today, know dear ones you are always surrounded by the love and light of God as this warm, divine presence is inside of each of you; living in your heart. Always move with love in all you do.

I am Ascended Master El Morya through Julie Miller