When declared that only those who become like children can enter through the gates of heaven, he was repeating the same thing all the ancient and living enlightened mystics tell us about realizing enlightenment. That to become enlightened, we must go beyond attachment to worldliness. He didn't mean that children, by nature of their chronological age, are guaranteed admittance into the higher . No. He meant that those who the divine qualities children are known for- innocence, trust, from conditioning- will surely be able to attain the state of heaven, which is, the space of enlightenment.

Yes- heaven is a state, and enlightenment is a space.

When we are free from the illusory ideas of who we're meant to be, what we're supposed to do, and how others should perceive us, we become like little children. Then, from this unattached perspective, our will suddenly be to far more than we would otherwise have perceived… such as, the gates of heaven, which are right here, right now, wide , but invisible to those who have become too jaded by their adultness to see them.

In this , Sudevi shares a simple and direct technique to become like a little child, and, in so doing, open to the state of enlightenment that is heaven.

What' the technique?

Let go of all your conditioned ideas about who you are, what you're supposed to do and how other people should see you. Live your truth, not else's conditioned idea of you. Drop your patterns. Be aware. Be free!