Hello Son,

Finding the that Suits You

In everything you do there is an inner feeling or intuition that resonates and tells you the state of being of oneself. This could be a variety of things from , writing or even contemplating in silence.

The basic general rule is if it feels good, then it is generally is good for you.

We must keep this in mind, even in our eating habits too; the body has a variety of needs and its own goal is growth in all the dimensions of existence. So it continuously guides, and inspires you to take action.

The conscious mind too ignites when something resonates inside. We instantly become alert to this; and so we ‘got to have it’. On occasions it is generally good for the time. We must also remember that too much of the same thing, especially something materialistic will not last and the body and mind soon gets fed up.

So many people around the world are consciously making a greater effort than ever before to make necessary changes and are listening to themselves. By doing so, their own instinct has increased and continues to do so; then it will reach a level when all things a person does will fit into place. You are now surrounded by positive energies and the universal energies will start working for you.

When the body resonates with the universal energies a connection is made and peace and serenity overcomes the person. The person now has entered the God consciousness and will start to make further connections along its spiritual journey.

When he denies this chance; slowly the energies become polluted and a veil of confusion surrounds that person. When he makes a decision, some things will not be fruitful for him. Every person has been in this situation and are moving out of this thought process into positivity.

Be aware of the things that you are doing and if things need changing then implement them immediately.

Your mother; listen to your needs and act accordingly.

Message from Ascended Master Saida Khatoon
Channelled by Shazi
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