Ascended Master, ’s Weekly Message ~ May 18 – 25, 2012
Channeled by:
May 18, 2012

Dear ones we are resuming from last week’s discussion. Every action, thought, written word, and feeling connects you to everything that there is. Even the greenest initiate just starting their journey is connected to all and each of you requires respect, kindness and mutual unconditional love. No one gets ahead from any amount of ridicule dear ones, gentle praise, guidance and direction is crucial to successful growth and staying on the path that is bringing you to goal of enlightenment.

There are many dear souls that have wildly perceived ideas of themselves that are based primarily on their egos. There will come a point dear ones for people such as these, the precious false they have created will eventually become overwhelming to the point of becoming senselessness to those around them and this ego based will crumble and shatter. The opposite to this high end emotional degree are dear souls that are filled with huge excitement and joy as their long-time intuitions and discernments of are finally being complete and corroborated. Yes, there will be feelings of turmoil and bewilderment as many cast off their old limiting views and philosophies. The more unaware you are of what is happening the more upsetting the wake up will be. It is imminent of a great divine and spiritual resurrection as many dear ones such as yourself distinguish the cosmic indicator of the passionate and emotional incidences springing from the extraterrestrial visitors that are being noticed more often. These frequencies and incidences will be the warmest and genuine of occurrences. They are filled with compassion and love. I ask of the ones who are fully aware of ALL that is taking place and the enormity of the impact of your visitors from different areas of space to show kindness to those that may not understand. Help them with gentle reassurance to seek balance from within themselves and encourage the ones who you find you are helping to accept there is more out in the world for them to grasp and understand. It does take time to shed old ideals and ways of thinking, but it is never impossible if one wishes to make the effort.

The blinders are slowly but steadily are being removed and there is more and more to be gathered. The distractions that were in place were huge, they kept you busy for a very long time, away from the truth that you deserved to have. Slowly the film from your eyes is being removed. Some of you have been awakened to the truth for quite a long time and some are only just beginning. Give yourself time dear ones to navigate and adjust yourself to the that is now streaming through the Highway of your computers, newspapers, audios, videos and so forth to educate yourself. Now, given all the sources that are currently available, it is up to you to know how to discern the truth from fiction. Only you can do this and the feeling of resonation and discernment comes from what you feel inside your . You will need to learn to trust your intuition more often. Observe how you feel when you know you are being lied to opposed to being told the truth and work from those feelings – tune-in dear ones and LISTEN.

While you are reading and getting all the information that grabs your attention make sure you are taking every opportunity for your own personal and spiritual growth. Each of you is a lighted individual that has a goal to accomplish. All of you are so important; please do not think of yourself any less. I encourage each of you to learn and recognize the distractions that come into play and cause you to become further behind rather than ahead on the growth and progression you have planned for yourself. These distractions come to you on purpose, and that is to see if they can derail you from your mission. Face these challenges with the heart of a lion and maintain your course that is leading you to pure peace and happiness. They of your continued effort and success will be felt by all people because YOU are ALL CONNECTED. You are a valuable asset that can bring order to those who are struggling if you so wish to be one. This does not mean when you are struggling your is not felt, oh it is and the sensitive ones feel it and they know there is love healing on a universal level that is required. Their selfless love and light reaches those that are struggling with their truths and maintaining their journey.

Remember dear ones, when you feel the whole world seems to be against you, God is always there for you. Celebrate in the delight that you are never alone as you move through your journey. It is necessary dear ones for you to experience what you have and what is still to come in order for you to reach new depths for answers that you will need. I ask you to always seek within the protection of God’s Light that will bring you to more understanding of yourself and you will find true amazement at how fast you can really grow and learn when you allow yourself the freedom to let God’s Love and Light into your heart.

Our message today is not as lengthy as it has been and today’s is coming to an end. You have what it takes to build yourself a solid foundation that will weather and chaotic and perplexing storms that find their way to you. Continue pushing forward one step-at-a-time. Take the time to learn each lesson before you move to the next phase of your journey. Your persistence and determination are admirable qualities.

It is a blessing to be conversing to you through our vessel. I wish peace and joy to find their way to your hearts, home and life.

I AM Serapis Bey through Julie Miller