God said:

When you go to a buffet, you select certain dishes to eat. You take even a sampling from every dish because there are so many. You make choices.

If life is a buffet laid out before you, you cannot choose . You have many choices. You cannot be all things to everyone. You cannot burn the midnight candle at both ends.

It is wonderful that you enjoy many things. Rest and quiet are also needs.

With money, you have to choose what to spend it on.

If time is a commodity in life, even though it is an illusion, you have to make choices with your time. You cannot eat up everything in life. This is not meant to restrict you. At the same time, you don't want to slice yourself too thin.

Remember that there is Being as well as doing. There are times to rest on your laurels. There is rest as well as activity. Both have their place. Both are needed. I don't want you to overextend yourself. Even in service to Me, you are to ration yourself. Some of My children have hearts so good and so full of good will, that you may take on more than you can do. You are not to forget about yourself in your to serve. You are also My child, and I ask you to take care of yourself as well as others. It is My that you flourish.

Yes, it is a fine line between service to others and service to yourself. I don't mean that you need to analyze it all. I mean that it is said that I rested on the seventh day. If I, Who need no rest, sit down with My feet up, why not you? The fact is I never get tired. I don't use up . Even though We, you and I, are made from the same tree, you do require pauses, and you do require sleep whereas My , I the Source of am free-wheeling, free-spinning, and do not expend My .

It is good of you to get a lot done, yet I ask you to take it easy. Even in activity, I ask you to take it easy. Spin the wheel, and make your choices. True, every person can do more than what he or she is doing, yet it is also true that some do more than they can sustain. And so I ask you to make time and space for yourself. You would take good care of someone else. Now I ask you to take good care of yourself as well.

I do not ask you to give up your service to Me through others. I ask you to care for yourself as well.

Some people have to be reminded to serve others. Some people have to be reminded that they, too, are the children of God and deserve great consideration. I ask you to be considerate of everyone, and everyone includes you.

Life will even itself out, and yet you, yourself, can set a good pace, not too fast and not too slow. You are not a horse that you are run to the ground. You have to graze. That way you can keep riding and taking care of others. Certainly, treat yourself as well as your horse. Certainly, treat yourself as well as your car. You are not expendable, beloveds. You are necessary to My plans.

Take time for exercise and relaxation. Drink water. You are also worthy. Do not overspend. Remember My love for you. In service to Me, remember Me and remember you.

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