God said:

Listen to the reverberation of My . Hear My in yours. Rum de dum, rum de dum, goes the of Our heart. Established in love, Our heart beats in love.

What will love look like today? What generosity will you proffer to the Universe and the souls within the Universe? What is yours to give, give. Let your heart circulate through the Universe. This is the greatest travel of all. Sight-seeing is good. Heart-giving is greater.

The heart travels fast. The heart is equivalent to the tom-toms that send messages far and wide. Listen to the beat of Our heart as it signals love throughout the Universe.

Instead of thinking, "Love, come to me," or, "Love, give yourself to me," think: "Love, go out and give the Universe love, so that all hearts may feel Great Love, so that love shall cover and permeate the as it is meant to."

There is no to equal love. In fact, a without love is nothing. The only thing you have to give is love. If you give a million dollars without love, you have given nothing.

What does it mean then to give with love? It means to do as you and I truly want to be done. My Will is for you to prosper in love. There is nothing else to prosper in.

What makes the plants to grow? They grow to the sun in order to create beauty and sustenance to the world. Flowers grow in order to emanate their love. Vegetables grow the same. Corn grows tall and radishes grow short, and the world flourishes.

There is love, and there is more love, and there is a flood of love on Earth. Love is covering the Earth, and yet love gives plenty of breathing room. Love fills, and love frees. That is the thing about love. It doesn't suffocate. It flows. It reaches every crevice. Love goes faster than the speed of light. Love is light. Love is bright light.

No need for you to chase love. Need for you to give it. Let your love seep out. Let your love go out in torrents. Let love go. We say it is your love, and yet you know by now that all love is Mine, and all My love is for you to give away on My behalf, to make life good on Earth, good for one, and good for all.

Love is the multiplier. Love is the overtaker. Love is all, and you are love.

Become familiar with the love that soars within you, and bring it out where it can be seen, can be gloried in. It is intended that the world swim in love, that oohs and ahs of love spill onto the world and revitalize it. Enough has been taken from the world. Now it is time to give. Ultimately, it is to yourself that you give. Love is a magic trick wherein you bless all and find yourself the most blessed. Giving is your surprise . You were invited to a birthday and, when you got there, you discovered the was for you. Surprise! And your joy starts the all over again, until you don't know who you are anymore. In any case, you are not what you thought.

Amazingly, you hosted the party, and you were the honored guest. This is how it is. All love is yours because you give it. The libation is for you. You are the adorer and the adored. There is no one else. There is only the One of Us, the One of All.

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