God said:

Your project is to enjoy yourself. Have fun. Give . Gladden the world. Gladden those near you. Gladden those far away. Gladden, gladden, gladden.

One affects another. One affects every other. You are the bellows that blows joy into every in the world. Yes, you do have a responsibility. The responsibility is yours.

Don't tell Me that you can't do anything about world affairs. You can. You can stir the world to Greatness by your thoughts alone. Pointing out the errors of the world digs error in deeper. Loving the world stirs the world to new heights.

The world represents your thoughts. Give the world new thoughts to think of. Give the world new fodder.

If you desire the world to , then it. your thoughts, and the world will have a new day, a new kind of day, and you will have created a new world. By your thoughts, you do this. By how you communicate to the world, you do this.

Send star dust to the stars. Whiten the moon. Yellow the sun. Send kisses. Even a world that misbehaves needs love more than correction. The world has to feel good. The world is just like you. It needs a boost more than it needs its faults pointed out. Point out faults, and you increase them. Point out the world's good points, and you increase them.

Rap the world's fingers, and the world is hurting. Bless the world, and the world is blessed.

This seems overly simple to you, yet you may well have trained the world to go in the way you do not want. Nor does the world want to go in the old ways. The world does not want to be furtive. It doesn't want to have to look over its shoulder. How much the world wants a new lease on life.. Give the world this new lease. Rewrite a contract. Or write the world a note. Write:

"Hi, world. I am going to make you even more beautiful. Not with make-up, no. But with belief in yourself. When some many look down on you, it's hard for you to keep your head up. Beautiful world, I am not remaking you. You do that yourself. You do that automatically as soon as I believe in you, believe in your desire to reflect the thoughts of man. You have no choice, do you? You are at the mercy of the thoughts of men, the engagement of man on Earth. World, as my thoughts go, so does the grace of the world.

"World, you can be anything you want. You can be a New World. I am at the helm. I steer the ship of state. From now on, I do not waver. Full steam ahead.

"You are my beloved world. And that is how you become a loving world. You become a loving world according to my thoughts. I steer you to shore. I steer you. Let's take new pictures now. Let's refresh you, world. Let's you beautiful. You are a painting of my heart. Today I throw away the old pictures, and now you stand taller, more relaxed, more suitable to make all wishes come true.

"World, you are the wish-fulfiller. And I give you the wishes to perform. No longer do I downgrade you. I don't do that anymore. Not even once do I put you down. Now I raise you high. You have a different water mark now. Hail to you, world. Thank you for being. Congratulations. You are the world of my dreams. You are everyone's dreams come true. We make our dreams come true. You are our willing servant. You can only be as we say, and all of us now say you are beautiful."

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