God said:

In Oneness, you let go of your old identity. Even wonderful identity, you let go of it. In Our Oneness, the Oneness of I, it is you and it is I, and that's it. Even the identity of family, you let go of. Good family, happy family, sad family, unhappy family, you let go of. Your profession, you let go of. Your wages, large or small, you let go of. Employment or unemployment, you let go of. Gender, you let go of. Age, you let go of. You might think you are being reduced to Oneness, yet all your ties on assume a different position, and you are rising to Oneness. When it is you and I, it is you and I, and naught comes between the One of Us. Reuniting with Me in Oneness is not a social activity.

It is not that you throw away all the good in your life. It's that all your identities of the past are no longer first. You and I are first. You do not come to Me in a crowd, beloveds. Whatever has bolstered you in the past recedes now.

Your identity becomes greater, not less. Everyone in the world can come to Me at once. Nevertheless, each comes to Me with his or her , and that's it. Great numbers can become initiated all at once, yet you, who are Oneness, come to Me on your own. You have a new identity now. You cannot keep the old identities. If you were a football hero, no one is taking that away from you, but you leave the uniform behind. Any identity but the One of seeming you and I merged is too small. You are of a bigger family now, this Oneness with Me.

You come to Me on your own, as it were. You come to Me with all the love in your heart. There is no choosing of this and that when you come to Me. You do not keep your riches as primary when Oneness is primary. The Oneness of Us is primary. All the ties with the temporary world and its abundance recede into a backdrop of a stage. You are not a backdrop. You are not your history. You are not your childhood. You are not your past. When you become One with Me, you are greater than you ever knew, and no longer are you dependent upon all the beautiful things you were once dependent upon.

Do you understand Me? You can't claim both Oneness and multiplicity. You are not giving up anything, beloveds, but dependency and attachment. Whatever your identity has been, no how fine or marvelous, no how integrated or scattered, dear or not dear, the boundaries of your past identity no longer assume the importance they once did. They were of your mortal life. As you embrace Oneness, you kiss the temporary goodbye.

You are taking a voyage. For Our purposes here, you cannot home and take the voyage. You cannot close to your fireplace. When you venture, you have to venture. You leave where you are. You do not .

No longer is your identity American or European or indigenous. No longer is your identity your Earth father's son. No longer is your identity anything at all but with Me. Your reliance on world identity is past. You stay on Earth, and you live on Earth. All the wonderfulness remains, only you no longer own them. You do not keep them clutched in your hand. You enter a greater world where you and I become One. Oneness is all you ever wanted. Oneness with Me is what you have always wanted, and you will have it. You will arise to it without accumulation from the past. Of course, I am your True Past. I am where you came from. We reunite as One in your realization of Oneness.

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