God said:

What is going to emerge from your and today? What will occupy your and soul? What will your daily life be today? Can your and soul and daily life be the same?

Of course, they can.

You can be of equal high standing in your daily life and the deeper life of your heart and soul. Pause a moment, and think what this would mean. You would be at One with yourself. You would not be fragmented. You would not be one way here and another way there. You yourself would be unified. There would be no departing from the wonderfulness that you are.

You would no longer compartmentalize yourself. You would be the same at as at work. It is not exactly that you would be on your toes and exemplify good-heartedness and wise soulness in your daily life. You would be all that without thought about it, without effort or strain. Oh, how relaxed you would be when you are your One . Then you would know relaxation. Then you would know what it is to be your .

You may think that it is not easy to be your best self at all times. Beloved, when you are not your true real self, that's when you are out of sorts. What could bother you when you are your God Self at all moments? Have the intention to be this now.

This doesn't mean that you are dressed to the nines. This means that you are at home with yourself, and you make others feel at home. You are not a copy of an image you have. You are My image, and you can relax into it. I am asking you to be Who you truly are without all the dime-store masks you have put on.

Admit, you are one way here, and another way there.

I am not telling you to put on a show of fellowship and awareness of love. I am telling you to let go of the various masks you have put on, ones you favor and ones you don't favor. You are no longer the older brother or the younger brother. You are no longer the smart one or the slow one. You are God's child. Think of it. You were born from My heart of love. You are . You are Great. If you cannot accept that you are Great, can you accept that you are ? You are your Self. You are not dolled up. You are simply the Wondrousness of Me. Let all the other stuff go. What are you doing with all that other stuff anyway?

You are letting go of the pictures others imposed upon you, and you are letting go of the pictures you pasted upon yourself. You took these varied pictures as essential to your survival. You super-glued them to yourself. You forgot these pictures were only pasted on. You thought they were you. They never were you, for you are so much more.

What the highest human beings in the history of man have been, so can you be.

What were all the Great Ones but themselves? They did not set themselves up to play a part. They were the part. They were nothing but being themselves, unsullied by pasted-on pictures. They were themselves as I made them. They did not kid themselves nor did they kid others. They were simply who they were without effort and without triumph. The Great Spiritual Ones were not thinking of how they appeared to the world. They were thinking of how I appeared to them and what I desired.

I asked of them no more than I ask of you. I ask you to be Who you already truly are and not a copy from a Xerox machine, not a copy of an old family portrait. I asked of them nothing but I ask of you, the Truth of you, your Original Self without add-ons, you, My beloved, as you truly are.

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