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God said:

From the very foundation of you arose. And what is the foundation of ? What can it be but love? What else could create and create so magnificently? Just think of it! I created , and the Moon, and the Stars, and I created you, My Highest . The beautiful planets are given a route to take. They are set in place and follow their orbits. They are magnificent, no doubt about that.

Yet what was given to you that nothing else on has is free . You are not locked in place. You have the freedom to go where you will. You can turn yourself upside-down if you will.

A flower can only grow to . And a flower enjoys every particle of its life as it grows to . And when its day is done, it lies down, happy to be returned to the and grow again another season. Flowers and all else of the Created Realm follow their orbit.

You, on the other hand, have infinite . Ultimately, you come to the of love, yet, meanwhile, you can do as you choose. Ultimately, you come to the only conclusion there is, that you want to be love and spread love. Ultimately, that is your destination.

Meanwhile, you have all the time and free will in the world to chop down trees or to plant them. You have the to create or not create. You have the to stay still or to move. You have the to hide your heart or bare it. You have infinite s, is this not so?

Other created beings on lead a more circular life than you do. You were blessed with the whole world and to make of it what you will. You are the of the world. You don't even have anyone to report to. You can be free and lazy. You can be free and ambitious. You can be free and choose to follow Me. I send you My regards. I am at your elbow, and I encourage you, and, yet, you are not at My entire beck and , are you?

Along with the freedom that has been given to you comes responsibility. You do not have to follow orders. No, not at all. You do not have to follow love or peace. You are free to follow negativity and war.

You are definitely not an automaton. You can sing, or you can shout. You can smile, or you can frown. You can bless, or you can harm. You can be all of these even in one day.

No is kept from you. You can go right, or you can go left. It is your .

Do not think that you have no . You can turn in any direction you choose. You can turn around. You can go forward or back. You can go up and down. You can do any number of things. And, yet, ultimately, you come to love, and you come to peace. You choose them.

You can put your Father's House in order, or you can leave it out of order. Who is that up to if not you?

You do have some restrictions, however. The body you are in will not carry you forever. How and when you leave your body, no one knows. Those decisions are made for you, or, at least, you don't remember any previous agreement. In any case, your physical life journey will be rescinded.

Meanwhile, beloveds, make the most of this glorious opportunity given to you ed life. Live your life, and come soon to living Mine. It's bigger.

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