God said:

Let go of the idea of fault, that it is your fault or someone else's fault. There is no fault, unless you call the state of being a human being as a fault. You have, haven't you? You have thought it is a great mark against you, haven't you? You have thought being human is a failing.

You are not to fault your being a human. It is a great to be a human being. A may be born every day, yet coming into the world as a human being is a great magnanimous event.

It is not as a penance that you are embodied as a human being on Earth. You may that you are serving . You are not imprisoned on Earth. You are set free to set out and find your fortune. You are on a journey of . Souls in Heaven cannot carry a knapsack. Humans can.

It is not that I want you to compare the advantages and disadvantages of being human versus being angel in Heaven. In fact, I want to say, despite what you believe, there are only advantages either way. You can see advantage or you can see lack. Everything is opportunity. On Earth, you have free choice. In Heaven, you are beyond choice. There is only love to so you cannot go off the chosen path. In human life, you can stumble. Do not even think that stumbling is a disadvantage, for, from stumbling, you can pick yourself up. Angels do not stumble. The inability to stumble certainly has its advantages, yet I am saying that whatever is, it is an advantage. It certainly is an opportunity.

Like a baby, a human being grows. A human being expands. It is a to be a human being. It is a to be brown-eyed, and it is a to be blue-eyed. It is time for you now to stop seeing that the grass grows greener in another field.

Whichever side of Heaven you stand in, you are blessed. Earth is a side of Heaven. It is the earthly side. Yet there is no fence, beloveds. You already know that, as a human, you travel in Heaven. I will say you never left, yet you see that you have left, and, in many ways, you wish to return to the fold. You have not been excommunicated, . You have not been dropped without a rope to climb back up on.

All the while that dimensions do not really exist and time does not really exist, you are experiencing other dimensions and times. Yes, you are on Earth to experience, and, one way or another, you will experience all that life on Earth has to offer.

You are turning the tide of life on Earth. You are pivotal. Your return to Earth is not all about you. You are to serve Earth by your very presence. We could say that you are a key to opening the mysteries of life.

Confess, there are those times when you would not trade Earth for Heaven. It's a good idea now to stop thinking in an either/or way. Think now in a NOW way. In Heaven there is Eternity full-square. On Earth, Eternity is measured in increments. Eternity is real. The measurement of time is illusion. Yet illusion is not all bad, beloveds. From illusion you come to as it is in Heaven. From illusion, you travel. All is secure. I hold Earth in My hand, and you in My heart. You never went anywhere except in your .