God said:

Something wonderful is brewing, and brewing within you. You can almost touch it, yet you can't quite put your finger on it. You just know that something wonderful is brewing, and you are going to have it and witness it, and that is enough. You are going to receive it, and you are going to love it.

Take this personally. This is meant for everyone. This is plural you I am telling this to. You are going to have a receiving beyond your imagination. Yet, go ahead and imagine.

The horizon is coming closer. You can almost touch it, yet not quite. It is so close. You can see a horizon coming closer. The something wonderful that is coming closer is like this, only you can't see it yet. Maybe it is a sound you hear. Maybe it is a change in atmosphere, but this something wonderful is rushing toward you, yet who can describe what has not yet been seen?

What if you had lived in a land that was only night, and one morning a dawn started to break through the night — how exciting this would be, how happy you would be. It is like this. This is like what you can anticipate now. A whole new light breaking through. A whole new light ushering a whole new view of the world. Like a herd of horses, this new light is rushing toward you with great delight to give to you. Yes, you can almost hear the rumblings. The excitement builds.

You almost want to run outside and wait on the road for what is on its way, on its way to you.

Special Delivery seen by all, received by all, heard coming by all, sighted by all, a great something wonderful that can't be stopped, can't be slowed, can't be mistaken, can't be anything but so wonderful that your mouth is watering for it now. The suspense is great. You can hardly wait.

Everyone, everyone is going to receive this . It is greater than a . It is greater than any package and greater than you can imagine, and yet this wonderfulness may arrive in different colors, shades, shapes. It is something wonderful without wrappings, more wonderful than any package, yet it is a summation, as if you are being rewarded all at once for all the good you have done and for even all the good you have not yet done. You are on the cusp of being rewarded for being on the forefront. Something wonderful is on its way to you. Open your arms.

This is a blessing, yes, yet it is more than a blessing. No, no, it is much more than a pat on the head or a blue ribbon. No, no, it is much more than anything you can dream of. And it is almost here, this burgeoning flower, this new fruit, this new esplanade of greatness on Earth that is going to fall at your feet, that you are going to marvel at, that you are going to jump for joy about, that you are going to greet like a shining hero, this Great Light that you are going to pick up and find that it has entered you, and that you sparkle with it, and everyone and everything sparkles with it.

All your concerns and worries and angers and frustrations will be thrown out the window, so gloriously happy you will be. Look up at Me, and know that you are going to be receiving a treasure beyond , beyond your , but not beyond Mine. I am sending this to you. It is on its way. It is headed right to you. Look up!