God said:

Your is opening and opening. You are setting your free. Once upon a time, you had braked your . You went way less than the speed limit. You may have cut your , your beautiful , in two, packed in reserve, the other for view or perhaps show. Now you are pulling the restrained of your heart out of storage and restoring wholeheartedness to its rightful place. You are beginning to make sense. How happy your heart is. And how happily your heart pulls the world forward.

No more hidden hearts. Now, only hearts of boldness, hearts that get right out there, declare themselves, don't care who knows that you have a heart of love that stops at nothing. Well, actually, what it is is that your heart stops everywhere. Never too busy for showing up. Never so focused on other things that it can't stop for one more. No longer do you carry a heavy segregated heart that is allowed love only so far and no further.

Now you are giving your heart the freedom it always was made for. You are giving your heart all kinds of signals, like telling it, "Have a go. Have a run for your money." Where is your heart's love going to take you? Why, love is going to take you everywhere! Your heart is coming out of hiding! That means you are too.

You are going to be on the front page of your life now. No longer are you in small print at the back of the newspaper. You are circulating yourself. You are circulating love. You are making love known, and you do this without ceremony, and yet you do this fulsomely. Love is having a rebirth. This is a debut for your love. This is a coming-out party, and everyone is invited. Now love leads the parade. Now the drum roll is for love. Now the tuba plays a love . Yes, you are in the midst of a for love.

Love is certainly called for. Love is in style now. It is safe to love now. As with fishing in a river, you just throw your lines out. You enjoy fishing whether you catch something or not. You enjoy throwing your line out.

You sit letting the stars know how much you love them, or you sit letting the sun know. You let the Universe know. You spill love out from your heart, and you let your love fall where it may. You don't secularize your love. Once given, it is given. You don't call for it back. There is no small print, no disclaimers or claims, just love freely given. And where it lands, it lands. You don't keep an accounting.

You fish at a stream, or you walk the world, and you hand out love right and left. You are love walking across the world. You are not collecting. You are giving. You are giving love out.

You don't call attention to yourself. You call attention to the existence of love in every heart. Love calls to all hearts, and all hearts answer the call to love.

The beat of your heart, the gait of your walk, the look in your eye, all say, "Love is here. Love is here for the asking, and love is here for the giving. All glory to love, for this is the Year of Love all have been waiting for. Love has arrived but not in a golden coach. Love has arrived on foot, and love acknowledges all in its path. Love deploys itself and covers the territory of hearts. It covers the world. It reaches to Heaven. Love has arrived, and love is splendid, and love is mine."

What can you do with love but give it and give it generously? You are a harbinger of love now. To your heart's content, you give love. You give a love potion to the world that can use more of it, and so you give. You have nothing better in the world to do now but scatter love to the winds.

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