God said:

In My Name, are you. In My Calling, are you. In My Love, are you. In all that I AM, are you. In all that you are, I AM. In all that, to your eyes, that you are not, I AM. I AM in you, and, therefore, you ARE in all. There is not an iota of the created world that you are not or I am not. We are One inextricably One.

We are in this Creation together. We are also in Heaven together. There is none of Our being apart. We are whole. We are all of it, and We are partners all. I call you My son, yet We are brothers all. I am at the apex of all existence and the non-existent, and, therefore, so are you.
We reign in the together. We travel on in the same cart or carriage or motorcycle. We. I cannot say We enough. We, We, We are all that is. We are It, beloveds. We are. I AM. You are My same Am-ness.

Clasped in each others' hearts, We are One of Love. There is no other than the One We share. We do not exchange hearts. We share. There is nothing in this Universe that is not shared. There is nothing in Heaven that is not shared. On Earth, even is shared. I do not believe all the that you believe, and, yet, We share with the One of Us. I well know your heartache. I take you seriously, yet not your heartache. I do not pretend.

You are My child, and yet you are Myself. You are a thought of Myself seemingly wandering in the wilderness. There is no wilderness. There is the Created World, however. How overwhelming it must seem to you. How vast the Created World must seem, and, yet, nevertheless, the Created World is a drop in the bucket compared to Truth and the Oneness of All That Is.

If you have one crayon, you can still draw everything with it. The sunlight will cast a different view. According to the Sun, your one crayon becomes many colors streaming through the Universe. Oneness shines according to a prism of it. There is no end to the light that can be cast and the light that can sweep you up in it.

What a marvelous creature you are that I created, and, yet, I replicated Myself. Yet you have relegated only certain abilities to yourself. You make comments about yourself. You limit yourself and run only so far. At the same time, I also tell you that you do not exist. The you that you imagine and draw an outline of yourself around and accept as outlined, is, in reality, Me, and I am expanded. I am the Vastness you draw a little picture of yourself in, and, yet, you are the Vastness that I AM because the Oneness of Love is all that exists. Feel the beat of My heart now. It is yours.

I suppose it could be said that you are the echo of My heart. That is good enough for Me. May it be good enough for you.

In any case, the point is that We are One. I am One, and you are One, and there is One One, so Who can One be except Me, the One of I? You are the One of I.
Dance for joy. Think of what this must mean that We are not We but One, the Selfsame One, the One That Is, the and Created of All.

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