God said:

Established in , be. Established in love, love. and love are the two steps of your life. As you take a step of love, you are also taking a step of . In , in actuality, you take no steps. just is, and yet We can say for practical purposes that you are made of two steps, and Love. Even as stays still, We can call it a step. Or We can say that you hop on one foot called Love while We can say that is the Road You Travel On or the Porch You Sit In.

You can't be without Being. Impossible. You would not be unless you were Being. Nor can you exist without Love. I speak of the love within you, the love that is at your service any time you call it to you. Love is your faithful servant, yet you may tend to feel that love is like a baseball thrown to you, and you catch it. Catch love in your heart, beloveds. That's where I place My love for you to extend. Be solid with love. Be a juggler of love in that you can always throw the ball of love up and never miss catching it. It is inevitable. It is inevitable that love is, and it is inevitable that you will catch on to love. You have a great right arm for throwing love to the stars, and a great two arms to catch the reflection of your love in an embrace as it bounces its way back to you.

Love and Being are never lost. They are the two constants in the world.

You perk up your ears and say, "How can that be? God, what are You saying? Love is constant? Not in my life. Love, the kind of love I want, has been an intermittent visitor, arriving I know not when, fleeing I also know not when. Love in my life, God, has been fickle, my love as well as others' love. Love constant? Nope, not at all."

Nevertheless, I repeat, Love is a constant. You will grant, won't you, that love can be pulled out or it bursts out seemingly on its own. Where would love burst out from or be pulled out from except from within you where love has been at attention, ready to serve all along.

Love, contrary to how it may seem to you, is not a stranger. It is a loyal soldier eager to be called to the front, not a front of skirmishes, but more like a front porch where love can sit down and enjoy being love.

Love is simple. Love simply enjoys. Love can sit on the front porch and love everyone and everything that goes by, and still love sits on the front porch and just enjoys Being. Yes, love is constant. It just may be that you jump around. In that case, it's you, not love, that plays hide-go-seek.

You may have turned love into a game, Catch Me If You Can. And you have chased love, eager to spot love from another, eager to bask in another's love, until one of you turns your back on it. Love is not intended to be a sometime thing, a fractured thing. Love is meant to be sitting on the front porch and happy to sit there and be love and love all, love for love's sake.

We could say that Being is the front porch where Love sits and rocks. Being and Love, two partners, Being the basis, and love the expression. Who would want to express anything in the world but love?

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