For those who are wondering what is happening at ECETI . . .


To make a long story short it seems the county has a real issue with people awakening and healing, living in peace and harmony as well as watching UFOs. When someone is living outside the box and doing a much better job of it than they are this seems to be a threat.


If we were Baptists we would not be having these problems. I watched people being paraded about in chains [in the courthouse]. Huge fines being levied. Many people obviously could not pay them and due to their already challenged life were challenged even more by the system. Where is the healing? Yet they have the audacity to tell us how we should live?


How This Intrusion Began

It all started with a member of the City Council spreading vicious gossip about us stealing a girl from her father and bragging how he was going to take us down. The girl was in her forties. When he was challenged concerning his actions and bias he had to recuse himself yet not without a grudge.


This was the beginning of a long of demands for special permits, payment for permits, refusing to grant permits, issuing tickets for not having permits they refused to grant which we paid for. Not once but on three occasions, each time the fines increasing.


It has been a long hard road of unethical , dishonor, and extreme bias. It escalated to a criminal misdemeanor due to charging us with not responding yet the fact of the matter is we have responded and rebutted every one of their claims which is clearly shown in the administrative record. They are the ones who never responded or cooperated.


Being all equal under the law it seems the county should be the one charged with a criminal misdemeanor at the very least. We were told we did not have the right to privacy, the right to assembly, of speech, or to practice our spiritual beliefs. Now others have barn dances, weddings, mainstream religious gatherings, prayer meetings yet no one cares at the county yet if we do it we are criminals?


It seems the real criminals are the ones trying to take away our basic unalienable rights, extorting money through permits they never intended on granting and fines. This is what we are up against. I know this is just the microcosm of the macrocosm yet we are not lying down or hiding on this one. It is all about freedom, basic inalienable rights, honesty and integrity.


No one has been endangered or harmed in 25 years. Let’s see them match that record. The land is a pristine natural environment. The town loves us and they have stacks of letters telling them about the incredible healings and experiences at the Ranch.


We are in the process of taking this to the Level upon which the county will be the defendant. The long history of trespass and unethical behavior will be exposed along with a remedy. We have had access to International lawyers and they believe the Courts are going to have a field day, taking a very dim view of the county’s behavior to say the least.


It is sad public servants forget they are servants of the public rather than their own personal agendas, complexes and a system that lives in the dark ages. Now you know the rest of the story.

Be well,