We know that our reality is entirely our responsibility. What is in it, how it unfolds, what we create and what we allow, tolerate and accept all reflect how we use our in the creation of each step of our life journey. But we have expanded the definition and scope of responsibility to include another aspect which makes being responsible a struggle and a burden to the point that we are willing to relinquish our because we can’t face the responsibility we think goes along with it. The aspect we have added to responsibility is obligation, and it is an aspect of the martyred healer paradigm and a heavy burden indeed.

When we confuse responsibility with obligation we believe that we are required to not only see and feel energy, but we also have to transform it. And to some extent that is true. We are here to transform energy, but it’s our energy we need to transform, not that of others. We are here to empower ourselves and be an example of the light of God. The belief in obligation inspires us to literally take on the sins of the world and turn them into blessings. And then to also take on the energies of others and bless them too. Then we take on everyone’s opinion of us and try to make ourselves responsible for proving them wrong. And at some point we just stop because it’s too hard and we feel powerless.

Responsibility has to do with how we interact with energy, and we have two options, to react or respond. When we react to energy we connect at its level and then try to transform it from that place. This is where obligation comes in because when we feel an energy that we are not comfortable with, we feel the obligation to shift it into something we can align with, even if it is not right, we are not comfortable with it or it is not in integrity with us. So we start diminishing our own energy, bit by bit, until we have lost the connection to our own power. This is how we act as martyred healers, slowly relinquishing our power so we can feel like we’re making progress in connecting with and healing the world.

When we respond to energy we stay at our own level of energetic vibration as we decide whether we want to make a connection with other energies or not. We do not feel obligated to do anything and know that when we do not act on our desire to transform others, they have a choice to join us at our level and empower themselves. The new energetic portals that are opening all around us can make us feel an obligation to make huge changes in ourselves and others. Are you feeling overwhelmed by what you see as your obligations to change the world? Are there some aspects of your martyred healer that are turning your responsibility into an obligation? This is an opportunity to pause, find your energetic center and shine your light brightly so you respond, rather than react and take responsibility for what you can control, your healing path, your connection, your power and your own ascension journey.

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