18 May 2012

This is my first attempt at channeling anyone but my higher self. Actually, is one of my higher selves, so I'm not sure how that shakes out. Here goes:

I am Metatron. I wish to speak to you today about the aspect of love called hope. Many of you have been waiting patiently and hoping for the ascension to materialize into something tangible, scientifically verifiable, indisputable, and real in the common vernacular of the term. We tell you that there are various levels of reality, none of which are anything more than a subjective experience. However, there are also various levels of subjectivity, meaning certain subjective truths are collectively shared, whereas others are not. Often groups of people share which are not shared by the greater whole of humanity. Of course, there are groups within groups, and within , all of which share equal validity and serve the collective experience of freedom of choice by their very existence. The group of lightworkers to whom this channel is addressed share a reality quite different from most humans, neither better nor worse in terms of value, but certainly different.

How does this relate to the subject of hope? Hope, or the lack thereof, is a choice which carries with it far reaching consequences. When speaking and thinking about the ascension, it is important to remember that the future is shaped and molded by hope. Predicting the future is risky at best, since the future is a moving target. Every thought can, and does necessarily, affect the entire course of history. We can speak in terms of probabilities based upon past results, but in the world of shifting consciousness, there is only one gaurantee. Eventually, everything returns to source. The pathways to and from source are infinite, and the scripts are being written by each of you, one heart and one mind at a time.

Hope is the on the canvas of reality. The question of what will happen with the ascension must be followed with a second inquiry: What do you want to happen? If the ascension were to happen today, what would be your ideal outcome? Describe the reality you wish for in detail. We say to you that whatever reality you choose to hope for is closer than you think. Do you dream of a lush tropical paradise with butterflies, fairies, unicorns, and waterfalls? Maybe you would like to travel the universe and meet your galactic families and friends. Would you like to be able to create your own realities, step into them, and live them. Or maybe you would like a world very much like your current reality but with peace and love as the basic foundation for all life. How would you enjoy a life of no limits whatsoever, a world where every dream becomes an instant reality?

These realities are not only possible, they are your birthright. You can live any of these realities in linear time, or many of them at once. The only prerequisite is an expanded consciousness and light body capable of holding enough to create these realities. Creation takes . In truth, all possible realities already exist, but it takes to tap into the frequency of the reality of your choosing. You cannot choose your reality until you hold enough to manifest your desires. Neither affirmations nor positive thinking will create your desired outcome. Such techniques are helpful in directing your and serve to increase your chances of manifestation, but quality and quantity of light you hold will by far be the most determinative factor for a successful outcome in any creative endeavor. For those of you determined to change your current reality, you are best advised to focus your thoughts and actions on increasing your light quotient and expanding your light body. is famous for saying, "If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I'd spend six sharpening my ax." Your light body is the power tool that can propel you toward any reality faster than you can dream. First, you must plug it in an power it up!

We tell you that on the 20th of this month, an opportunity will arise whereby you can download an upgrade to your current light body template. This upgraded light body can hold more light than you can currently imagine, not only in the field of matter but also anti-matter. It is an upgrade to a thirty-three chakra system, twenty of which exist in the field of anti-matter and will serve as connectors to the realms of anti-matter, including the omni earth, parallel worlds, and various other dimensions such as the angelic realm, which exist simultaneously and interact with the current collective reality. It is by design that the codes to activate the 20 new chakras will be downloaded on the 20th day of the fifth month of 2012 via the solar eclipse, bringing in the vehicle to the fifth dimensional world which already exists. When fully integrated, this upgraded light body will fling open the doors to the realms of antimatter which are currently visited by most only during lucid dreams or deep meditation. The interface between matter and antimatter creates , the net result being increased ability to travel through and experience various realities of your choosing. This upgraded system is a huge step on the path to total freedom. It will take time and effort to integrate the new system, but the outcome is well worth the effort and will pleasantly surprise even the most hopeful of you if you dare to expand your dreams.