19 May 2012

Channeler: Nameless Spirit

Let’s speak of then. can be in a flower or a cat leaping or the smallest of forms, the tiny aspects of your planet. is everywhere and abundant and you can immerse yourself in it as you can the ocean. When you do, things become apparent in your reality that you hadn’t considered before. Things make better sense in a sense. You go about your days, living your lives on autopilot, when such is all around you. How do you latch on and capture it? Feel the around you and breathe it in deeply. It will call to your soul if you let it and free something inside yourself, some emotional pattern that is stuck in the now. When this occurs, you can sense it and know that your life is changing in ways you can’t comprehend but if you allow it in it will be of tremendous value in your life of now, in the present . For that is all you can change. When you allow yourself to feel joy in the present you allow that you can change your life in ways you never conceived of, ways that may seem strange at first but will benefit you. Try this at home too.

Feelings are like waves, they come and go. So the nature of your reality is like a wave and if you climb on and hang on and ride the wave, there is such freedom of movement of your consciousness that only things that move in this fashion know. Simply moving with your emotions is a wondrous feeling. If you are not afraid of your emotions you can move mountains. In order to break free of the fear of being carried away you must learn to ride the wave. Once you are good at it, you will know that you can control it as well, for you must live in this world that doesn’t understand a person who rides his emotions. But it is a freeing experience, so you might try it. Do it on a weekend when you have the time. Start with picking a flower, or picking up a flower if you don’t want to pick one. Feel the beauty of the flower. Ask it questions. Look inside it as if you had vision. Try and feel the flower talking back to you. Any impression you get from it talk to it and see what it has to say to you. Ask it questions. Feel the responses, not with your ears, but with your inner senses. It is talking to you. Can you hear it? It will tell you things you hadn’t thought of before.
I quite like this method of communication; it is a lot faster and more convenient, once you get the hang of it. So, to continue then, feel the waves of emotions that you feel continuously and try to catch them as you think of them and hold them for as long as you can. If you find yourself dwelling on the sad emotions, and you don’t want to be sad, think a happy thought. It is that simple. Free the sad emotion to the wind and keep going. Don’t let it sidetrack you on this journey, for this journey has many benefits you can use in your daily life as you go about your business. If I tell you how it will affect you, then that would spoil the pudding, so to speak, just know that you can do it and it will be an adventure you should try.