18 May 2012

I’ve been working more on my channeling skills for a while, and after days of sleep deprivation they were very strengthened, and I think I have enough clarity to being able to lead some to some improvement now. I think few’s abilities are 100% for different reasons and there are also some questions that very few living in a physical body really have the answears to. One reason for this is that many things are more complex and you might say two different things might be true at the same time. And sometimes a more balanced view between two extreme viewpoints might be more right.

Anyway, enough about how channeling works, I just wanted to say I’ve thought this through for a while and decided I didn’t want to put myself across as an all-knowing guru, as that is simply not true and would only serve my ego and might mislead those who trust me too much. I see myself still as a seeker, or more like a child than a grown-up spiritually, but still have a high enough level of consciousness and spiritual knowledge to be able to help many with my words, and I so I feel it would be more of help than harm to them. That is also the main reason I wanted to write as I don’t desire it now specifically (I guess because I CAN now so I view that goal as already achieve, so now my focus has already moved onto other things), but I realise I need to let myself have the time to practice and let others benefit from what I’ve learnt.

Moving onto the subject at hand. This is something I’ve been unwilling to write as I don’t wish to draw attention to myself with the help of celebrities, and especially not that particular one who so many has tried with in the past. I’ve also never felt a connection to soul in particular (he enjoys the irony) and found him to be overly abrasive and felt repulsed by the kind of demonic energy he could emit that heavy drug addicts sometimes do. But he seems to be very active in the spiritual world trying to get through to anyone who can deliver his message as this time. Because, the way he lived his life would have caused a lot of destruction and done a lot of damage to many, so the weight of this responsibility is very heavy and will probably have consequences for him for a long time. And because of the way his name is being kept alive it’s like it just goes on and he never gets any peace.

He seems very distressed some of the time. He’s very different now and I like him the way he is NOW. He writes more Christian sounding sounds now and many who’ve looked upto him wouldn’t recognize him the way he is now. I don’t know much about what he was like from his life, maybe those who do would have a better insight into his nature, but he was actually very spiritual in his BELIEFS and ASPIRATIONS. He just failed to really act on it, or transfer it to the emotional level and really live it out in a way that was beneficial to either himself or anyone else, sunk into lower states of consciousness, and became very destructive. This tremendous responsibility worked as a great ripple effect going out in all directions and incurred a great responsibility and added an extra burden to his heart that further added to his suffering. He didn’t succeed in his mission to show emotional strength and hold higher levels of consciousness, although he succeeded in some other ways. He came here to experience both blessings and suffering but to overcome the suffering with the support of his blessings and to grow spiritually and contribute to the world through it. He’s talented, but lacked the emotional strength to complete a difficult earth mission in a constructive way.

It’s like he wants to say he has been sorry for this since now, especially as he had so much support and quite good conditions, he feels he should have been able to lift himself up. He once complained how he wasn’t able to enjoy fame in the way some other performing artists did. He had a difficult childhood and many difficult experiences, but he was socially desired before he became famous but didn’t value it much as he felt dissatisfied with the quality of his relationships and the love he experienced, that it didn’t live up to his ideals and his needs at the time. So when he shot to superstardom it didn’t really end his problems but what he felt gave him more of them. He wasn’t noticeably happy after he was famous, more like even less, and felt he had just traded in some problems for others. He didn’t care much about material and wordly success, being recognised and admired by others. Having a family, romantic relationships didn’t really make him happy, he was very escapist and just wanted to go to a safe place where all would be perfect and end his suffering. Also that he was such a heavy drug user compacted his problems and created much confusion and unclarity and might not have happened if it weren’t for that.

So his life did provide a lesson for how dangerous drug use and that kind of destructive behavior can be, as an actual a real-life example and God was able to work in some way and achieve something of value through him, though it’s viewed as a failed mission, it wasn’t all bad. It just could have been much better and really his problems were no worse than what many manage to live with and overcome and his conditions were quite good when he took his life, comparatively, and if he’d managed to stay on for just 5 more years and take things in a more positive direction things would look much different for him. Sometimes if you feel you can’t complete your mission in life it might be a better choice to work out a compromise with the spiritual world instead of feeling you need to end it all now or live out the rest of your days, which both might seem like really bad options.

He’s basically distressed by the way he became such a negative role model and gave into negativity during his life and basically undid some of the work achieved by more positive artists like Elvis and (but who were much more high-consciousness and stronger souls) and now wishes he could have added to it and not just have squandered it all on mindless over-indulgence and self-expression, which was mostly what he cared about at the time. It has just caused a lot of harm in this world. He’s actually a more positive soul, one of the reasons he was loved was that most people sensed this through him, and soon after he died his heart was in the right place and he knew what had happened. He doesn’t want anyone to pay any more attention to him, though accepts that this would happen, but would like to get through to as many as possible with this message now that channeling from the afterlife is quite widely available. It’d like he shows me a cord that he would like to cut with his fans and he would rather they didn’t pay any more attention to him.

I think that’s all he would like to say. I hope this doesn’t sound as crazy as some of the challenged material said to come from him and will be of assistance to some. He also wants to send love to his daughter, that he would like to take any opportunity to say, and just wants her to be happy and not be weighed down by his death. Also don’t view this topic in too dark a light or let yourself feel depressed by it. No permanent damage has been done and he will have the opportunity to make up for his mistakes. And he doesn’t want anyone to waste their time feeling bad for him. He doesn’t approve of his life and just wants to say not do like he did rather than being some kind of role-model. He’s both hard on himself and tend to give into negativity too much at the same time, and this can be very distressing for him, but these are his personal problems to work on.