Message from , Lady

Channeled by:
May 16, 2012

Each of you dear ones are capable at finding peace. You do not to seek far; the peace many yearn for is right where it can be found with ease. You discover peace dear ones when you are able to accept every instance of yourself. You will discover peace when you are able to accept the differences within yourself and cease comparing yourself with another. You will find peace in your quiet yet powerful strength that has brought you through many stormy moments. Accept your similarities with others that you associate with without the to attach any emotional egocentric link and appreciate whatever weaknesses you have learned of yourself. With every little part that makes you who are, acceptance of each part is crucial to the peace many are searching for. Any mistakes found along the way dear ones are not accidents or mistakes, they are opportunities for you to learn a new way and to find balance from the discord; turning what negativity that is still lurking into a positive motion of action that reflects your loved filled . When you have found this deep peace, you will discover dear ones; you will no longer find the to ridicule another even if you do not agree with their efforts or point-of-view. Your discovered peace will mature you to accept that each person has something to say that is important enough for them to share. This alone is deserving of at least respect.

Even now in this day in age, what is given or considered as respect is very thin. We, the Masters, and Archangels and other deities that you look to for guidance are speaking and encouraging their listeners to move within their higher . When you are speaking, thinking, writing, feeling or in action be it that you are reflecting your Christ-. Every time you give into saying something unkind or doing an unkind action against another, you are moving a step backwards and really dear ones you are to be moving forward. I ask each of you to be aware of yourself when you are in communication with other people. Some topics will cause heated discussions and arguments. Be factual, non-biased and respectful. When you find yourself becoming upset, take heed and step back and possibly leave the discussion. The more you engage in a heated discussion the more likely you will attract into your aura.

Each of you who have awakened to the Light of God, have a journey to prepare and succeed. This journey may not necessarily be a physical excursion but it will take you places where you will feel you have climbed the highest of mountains and you will discover you consciousness will accelerate and go beyond any perception you may have had before you begun. When you climb in this journey of yours you will learn from the inner teachings you receive that there is a price to carry the Light of God. Need not worry dear ones, the price is nothing horrendous only your devotion and commitment to always be of light in your heart that is always filled with love that is unconditional for all people of all culture and background regardless of skin, ethics or financial status. Each of you are equal to God’s eyes. Underneath your pretty clothes, and scented skin is a heart that beats and is capable of giving and receiving love. To be willing to surrender to God’s will and listen and abide by God’s direction to live fully and completely within your Higher Self is not a price dear ones, not really. To live within your Higher Self of Christ every day with every action and word is something many can aim to achieve and make happen just by their will to succeed and change their ways for the better.

And change dear ones must come from you. If there are areas in your life that you are unhappy or unsatisfied with, you have the power to change those areas. YES you do! You take one step at a time. It can be a small step or a leap as long as you move forward with the greatest of intention to turn what negative aspects you consider yourself having and turn them into positive actions that work for you in the greatest of good. The proverbial, “ was not built in a day” is needed to be applied here. All changes take time. You will need to take a good look at what it is that requires change and what you need to make those changes occur. Organize and plan – chart yourself with rewards at specific intervals in order to self-encourage and stimulate your confidence. Through all the manoeuvering you will find yourself in, you will also come across the occasional road block and obstacle. You already know these are tests and challenges. There is no pass or fail dear ones. These challenges are put forth to determine how you will react and proceed. You have had challenges already that have been difficult. Each one prepares you for the next one. It is through the challenges that you discover just how strong you really are. When you tackle a new challenge, look at it and discover the similarities from past challenges. When you take the time to reflect you will be able to utilize the same strategy used before, possibly adapting it to the newer challenge in front of you. This will provide you with higher confidence and peace of mind that will help you sail right through whatever obstacle is there. It does not do any good to panic and become out-of-control. You are on a journey; you are climbing always climbing higher and higher. Not to worry you will adjust to the height and the height is wonderful because it is you emerging newer, lighter and filled with the unmistakable aura of love.

Step away from any pre-conceived fears. You cannot make a mistake, but you can learn where you falter. Embrace each and every step you take, be kind to yourself when you find yourself stumbling a bit. Through each stumble, you will gain more and more wisdom. Dear ones your journey is limitless. Be in control of where you are going. Become the master of yourself; no one else can do this for you. But there are many who will be able to help and guide you along the way.

It has been a great pleasure to speak to you today dear ones through our chosen vessel. Know and believe you have the means to bring peace into your life not only for a moment for eternity.

I AM Ascended Master, Lady Magda through Julie Miller