Channeler: Ahtayaa

Darlings, we are in the of a most powerful time of Opportunity 🙂

As we create our New Home not ON, but WITH Beloved Gaia, it is ever more important to remain in a state of , both with ourselves and with others.

The truth is that if we consider ourselves to be then we must remember that the reason we are here is to be beacons for those still lost in darkness.

With the opening of the 5*5*5 Gateway on 5/5/2012 and the influx of transformational energies for Divine Illumination, the impetus has been set for mass awakening.

This wake up call may be considered more of a rude awakening by many that are still caught deep in the Illusion. We may come across friends, family and strangers alike that resist these changes, even ridicule them.

Remember that deep down those that resist are processing internal and external information that as Lightworkers we have had months/years/decades to integrate. So let's cut them some slack 😉

Call upon your Strength and Independence, and remain Compassionate at all times. Yes it can be challenging, but it is an important part of our task at this time. It is why we are here.

The final hour may be chaotic for some. Before we see Heaven emerge on a global scale we may be subjected to the chaos of the death of mass darkness. Don't Give Up! The transition is oh so close.

Embrace your Power. Be faithful to your convictions of no matter what the illusion throws at you.

Remember: only LOVE is real. You are doing such powerful work and you are Loved and Appreciated Beyond Measure.

Not long now Lovelies… not long now…

Namaste _/|\_
♥.¸¸.•´¯â˜† , Ahtayaa