Message from Archangel Tzadkiel
Channeled by:
May 09, 2012

A glorious day is upon us, and deep appreciation is given to our vessel for allowing me to step forward and transmit a message through her in order to speak to each of you.

Dear ones when you are able to invoke consciously the to help you liberate and transmute the many negative burdens that can plague you on a personal or universal level just from your day-to-day interactions and challenges, then you will be able to grasp the advantage. The sacred and nurturing is a dispensation given to you to help make the transformations and changes that are required easier and will help lessen karmic encumbrances between the transition stages. I encourage each of you dear ones to make use of this flame often, not only once in a while when you find yourself overwhelmed.

It is crucial to find time and room to confront your life, to determine what there is that pleases you and what no longer gives you comfort or pleasure. Bring in the Violet Flame and use it to help you transform those areas that you wish to change that are no longer serving you well. I am available to all that call to me at this time when investigating yourself is necessary for your spiritual progression and broadening understanding of yourself and those around you. I work within the 7th Ray of Light dear ones. When you call for me I will guide you with my Amethyst Presence towards the direction of your transformation and bring you to understanding in ways that suit you. You will understand and realize your evolutionary path as you learn more of yourself. Your awareness of your God Presence will expand and you will find new doors of knowledge waiting for you to open and explore.

As you clear yourself of all things that are no longer serving of the highest of good, and by changing the old ways, you will discover your potential and a new belief in yourself will emerge. This belief will blossom into confidence to spread your wings and follow your inner knowing to become what you were meant to be. The removal of the thoughts and old teachings brings freedom and a sense of relief that is felt throughout your entire being. Dear ones, it is through this stage that self-love is encouraged and recommended to be expressed. Some of the old ways you may dig up could bring out some unresolved feelings and emotions. This is a wonderful time also to invoke the Violet Flame.

I do often work with the Beloved Master, Saint Germain with the promoting of this beautiful flame. We want to help release you dear ones from the many negative thought forms that have invaded your mind, body and spirit for so long. We wish to dissolve thoughts of inadequacies and limitations, and teach you to expand, incorporate and to balance all physical and spiritual characteristics of yourself. You will cultivate and construct what your highest potential is; through my aid, and by using the Violet Flame, the negativities that have often held you back from progressing will be dissolved. The Violet Flame will purify your soul if you so wish it, and with its healing way, you will develop your pure and true self and learn to live without fear, limits or illusions.

It is a wonderful opportunity to be called by you when you need our service and presence. You do understand how gratifying and happy you are when you find interest, companionship and cooperative assistance that is comes to guide you and to perfect the part of the journey you are currently on. I am enthusiastic to come to your side to help guide you through the sometimes difficult stage of releases old teachings and ideals. I only ask of you dear ones that when you do master a part of your journey, you are openly willing, compassionate and cooperative to share others how you learned to work through this delicate area. Delivering the sharing of your success as a way of guiding another with mercy and kindness that speaks of your purest intent and love is a wonderful representation of working from within your God Presence. I have great Faith you will across informative, caring and from the pure love that resides in your beautiful heart. I am preparing to take my leave, before we depart from today’s transmission, understand how gloriously you are loved by us of the Divine Realm of Angels, Masters and of course by God.

I AM Archangel Tzadkiel through Julie Miller