30 April 2012

I'm so excited to report an awesome ascension experience. Like many , for years I have been taking in through my various chakras, and also releasing through my crown chakra, sometimes through my feet down to the earth. I feel these exchanges in a very powerful way. I have experienced the opening of all chakras, and have also felt vertical connections being created between the chakras. Several other have posted their experience of becoming a light post, a beam of light, a pillar of light, etc., connecting heaven and earth. I have enjoyed myself being a pillar of light with all chakras connected for about a year now, give or take. It has been been really awesome, and there is always a sense of excitement because I can't wait to see what happens next.

Last Sunday I reached a new level. My friend Sarah and some other people have called it the blooming stage. During meditation, I could feel into my high heart chakra. No big deal, happens all the time. It's like my high heart is a pac man chomping little energy packets slowly and methodically. The pac man analogy I got from , but it fits perfectly here. So, there I was, my high heart chomping like a slow pac man, when suddenly it turned into super pac man and was sucking in energy faster than my could contain it. I felt my entire heart expand like a balloon, and it just kept expanding and expanding, for about two hours I would guess, until it felt like I had expanded to the edges of the universe!!!!!!!! It was such an empowering, awesome, amazing experience, I still get excited when I remember it. After that, I knew everything had changed. My heart had reached full bloom. What that means, I don't know, but the word bloom is a perfect fit, because that's what it felt like. I was blooming, and it felt good. All last week, I was walking on air, despite what externally some might consider difficult circumstances for me. Nothing was going to lower my vibes. And nothing could have prepared me for what happened next.

Yesterday, I was meditating again, and the same thing that happened to my heart started happening to my head. My pineal gland was pulsating, and my head felt like it was blowing up like a balloon. My head expanded to the far reaches of the universe until it encompassed not only the entire universe but all universes. Both of these experiences were better than any orgasm I've ever had. When my head completed its expansion process, I could feel a much bigger connection being created between my heart and my head. Previously, there was a tube-like connection between my heart and head. Now my heart and head are not just connected, they are one.

This changes everything. I woke up this morning with a mental clarity like I've never experienced before. I feel like the character in the movie "." I have the ovewhelming feeling of wholeness/fulfillment. Everything is inside of me, the angels and aliens, duality and unity. Anything is possible. I am my entire being. It feels so good!