4 May 2012

By Soluntra King


The first day of Winter in the Southern Hemisphere and the first day of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere.
Sacred to the Divine child, to earth and to the death of the old and birth of the new, it is the winter quarter where vegetation dies and thanks is given to Mother Earth for the abundant gifts that will re-show in the Spring. As the longer night draws in time for rest and recuperation is honoured through ceremony.
The witch's New Year and the time when the veil between the two worlds is thin, we can move easily through the worlds and into the darkness of the womb. A day of dimensional shifts, divination and immortality.
The show of flowers, the summer festival of warmth and fertility, celebrated in Celtic times with a fire on the hilltops. A time of fertility of the Goddess and also the God, yang Sun energy, Fire Festival.
DAY; 4 (foundation, definition, form) WHITE (North – refines, detached) DEATH- CIMI (transmutation, surrender, humility, revelation)

Almach is the brightest star in the Andromedan Galaxy, it is sighted before the Sun on the horizon on this day. The Andromedan Galaxy is important to us as it is merging with our Galaxy and is also a key system for beings walking-in the human bodies to assist in the shift into the higher dimensions and Andromeda is in unified consciousness and aligned with divine will. I have made a Star Essence of Almach "I am Divine Will and Plan."
5 – 5 – 5 5.5.2+0+1+2 = 5
all those 5's change change change
from http://www.conscious-heart.org/WonderBob/5-5-5.html a gathering at Crestone Colorado USA
2012~ The Perfect Point of Creation 2012 = (2+0+1+2)= 5
May 5th is the triple divine expression of this Recall that the 5-pointed Star is the source of the Golden Mean Phi = 1.618 The expression of the Fibonnaci Sequence The of All Life The Divine Feminine that has been Obscured to All Humanity Anchor a New Dimension of Being into Existence.
MAYAN CALENDAR DAY; 8 (harmonize, empowerment, integrity, of the one heart) WHITE (North – refines, detached) DOG – OC ( (spiritual strength, loyalty, heart, new beginnings)

The Eta Aquarids are a light shower, usually producing about 10 meteors per hour at their peak. The shower's peak usually occurs on May 5 & 6, however viewing should be good on any morning from May 4 – 7. The full moon will probably ruin the show this year, washing out all but the brightest meteors with its glare. The radiant point for this shower will be in the constellation Aquarius. Best viewing is usually to the east after midnight, far from city lights.
MAYAN CALENDAR DAY 5th MAY: 8 (harmonize, empowerment, integrity, of the one heart) WHITE (North – refines, detached) DOG – OC ( (spiritual strength, loyalty, heart, new beginnings)
MAYAN CALENDAR DAY 6th MAY: 9 (completion, fulfillment, expansion) BLUE (West – energise, transforms) MONKEY – CHEUN (transparency, cosmic joke, spontaneity, artistry)

NZ 3.35pm AUST EST 1.35pm GMT 3.35am
PEDIGREE OF THE MOON when it is closest to the Earth at NZ 3.23pm EST AUST 1.23pm GMT 3.23am
a Pedigree causes tension and possible earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and extreme weather. This tension can be utilized in positive ways to be from our centre and hold the beam in the stillness and oneness for all humanity and life. What can we do now to ensure a bright future for many generations to come?
The Moon will be at its closest point to the Earth, so this will be the largest full moon of the year.
Here is a conversion link to work out the time where you live. http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html
The Full Moon is a time of completion and celebration, and when the Sun and the Moon are opposite.
This is the second powerful Full Moon, and often called the Buddha Full Moon or Wesak Full Moon. Wesak is the valley below Mount Kailash in Tibet that is the Crown Chakra of Earth. Every year at this Full Moon the Masters, Holy people, Swamis, Sadhus make a pilgrimage to this valley where all the Masters and non physical Divine Beings meet together for the shift in consciousness for humanity and to anchor the higher energies onto the Earth Plane. It is also the time Buddha’s birthday is celebrated.
Mt Titiroa New Zealand is the Crown Chakra of the New Earth, the New Earth is one with the Earth as we know it and as we come more from our hearts and beyond the illusion of duality we live in Heaven on Earth, we are already in the New Earth.
So in your meditation you may want to travel to the Wesak Valley to join all these other beautiful beings and be open to whatever you feel guided from within to do in regards meditation, anchoring divine light on Earth, personal messages, transmutation of your being and/or humanities as this is an opportunity not to be missed. Or you maybe ready for the new Light Codes of the higher dimensional Earth and the clear light as you own that you are the Goddess/God now and guardian in clear light.
The opportunity with the Wesak Full Moon is that we can also surrender more fully to our fears, pain and duality aspects into the divine love of our true essence and the cosmic energies in ease and grace. So you will be supported fully in your desire to be in divine will with an open heart.
A wonderful time to access and love your own duality fears and well as assisting humankind to go beyond all limitations and shine in your true light.
Also a time when you can more easily review contracts you have made to grow and unify and to do your mission on Earth. You can see the bigger picture and your soul story and connectiveness with all experiences and your life/s holograms and what is really taking place with the cycles and the shift as we move through the .
The divine beings in Mt Kailash wish to commune with you and assist in realizations within and awakenings of your vital force. They work with you in your sleep but now is a time to become conscious of them and the work you do in the higher dimensional realms.
In the bigger picture the energies have now been transferred Mt Kailash to Mt Titiroa link….TRANSFERANCE OF ENERGY FROM MT KIALASH TO MT TITIROA , South Island New Zealand, but will take over 300 years in 3D time to anchor fully. So apart from soul travelling to Wesak and Mt Kailash you may want to visit Mt Titiroa in the South Island on the inner, this is the Crown Chakra of the New Earth, Mt Kailash has been the Crown Chakra in the old paradigm. When the energies transferred at the 2009 Wesak Full Moon it was a shift for the outer Goddesses and Gods to the inner within us and to Clear Light as we are the guardians and beam holders of Earth and the Solar System, Galaxy and Stars are illuminated through our energy field and chakras.
Please read Living Light THE NINTH WAVE JOURNEY
where we were at Mt Titiroa for the light that came in at the beginning of the Universal Underworld in March 2011. see link also Mayan Calendar
MAYAN CALENDAR DAY; 9 (completion, fulfillment, expansion) BLUE (West – energise, transforms) MONKEY – CHEUN (transparency, cosmic joke, spontaneity, artistry)

MAY 17th
A day to focus on peace within, and union with the divine within you.
Out of your busyness create time (as you are now the masters of time and space) to go within and feel the peace. From that stillness all flows through you in beauty and radiance.
When you are stressed out by work or a relationship, running late or anxious about something; first have a clear intention that you choose to be at Peace. Tell yourself that's what you are doing.
Then take some slow deep breaths, breathing into the feeling of anxiety, fear or panic until you feel calm.
I will often say to myself “I am at Peace, I am Calm” a few times.
Imagine you are breathing in the word or thought of Peace through your nostrils and into the inner turmoil inside.
Do this for a few minutes. Then imagine that you are breathing Peace straight into your Heart Centre, until you feel the Peace. You will be surprised how fast this works, the deep breathing brings in calmness naturally and helps you to centre. The clear focused intention of breathing in the word Peace holds with it all the energy of Peace.
Taking it one step further; after you have breathed Peace into your Heart Centre a few times and feel the connection there then imagine that there is a beautiful still lake of water, right in your heart, and that you are standing beside it. You feel peaceful, calm and tranquil as you stand by the still lake of water….Keep yourself there feeling the tranquillity and peace, until you know you have integrated into that space and have calmed down.
Doing this is a lot easier than staying in chaos, which really is hard work and takes so much energy and time. We can be open to unlimited energy, time, space, joy and Love that was never separate from us, it was just INSIDE, not out there, unattainable somewhere, the choice is ours.
MAYAN CALENDAR DAY: 7 (connection with source, mystical attunement, sacred) WHITE (North – refines, detached) WIND – IK (co-creator of reality, unseen forces, inspiration, presence)

NZ 11.47am 21st AUST EST 9.47am 21st GMT 11.47pm MAY 20th
ECLIPSE TIME NZ 11.53am 21st AUST EST 9.53am 21st GMT/UTC 11.53pm MAY 20th
Eclipses are deeply connected to the evolution of consciousness. As astronomical events their appearance has always been an essential time for initiates and for awakened humanities work with the Councils of Light, Celestial Beings and Prime Creator. Eclipses herald and initiate transformation into the Higher Light Octaves and reunite light and dark, while creating a shadow – a cone of power- that can heal as well as destroy.
A Solar Eclipse of the Sun only occurs when the Moon is new, and when it is between the Earth and the Moon. This occurs because of the variations in the Moons orbit and its shadow is sometimes longer and its distance from the Earth shorter, this is when we have an eclipse. These are important openings or doorways as the Sun, Moon and Earth are aligned. The Golden Solar Beings use these times to infuse heightened Solar vibrations to the Earth.
A Solar Eclipse affects the inner transformation as well as the outer manifestation, channelled either for destruction or creation, the choice is ours.
An Annular Solar Eclipse is when the Moon is at its furthest position to the Earth, because of its distance it is not large enough to cover the Sun and so there is a ring of light still visible around its edges.
The path of annularity will begin in southern China and move east through Japan, the northern Pacific Ocean, and into the western United States.
A partial eclipse will be visible throughout parts of eastern Asia and most of North America. http://eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov/OH/OH2012.html
The New Moon is always the time to go within; to the inner planes and parts of us that are hidden. It is also the seed of the new beginning and when the Sun and the Moon are One. In Gemini we are also unifying the twins within us, the polarities are given a chance to really merge as the Sun and Moon are One through the higher aspects of Gemini. A time when you are able to connect more deeply to the inner communication with your true essence, divine self and also yourself as a being in the Councils of Light.
This New Moon is an opportunity to transform the old beliefs still holding you back as well as clearing the collective unconscious of beliefs that have come from our origins in human bodies as we know them in this cycle with 2 strand slave mentality. There may be only the most subtle of old paradigm thinking and programs left, or still a few more thought patterns to be loved and accepted. The energies totally support you being able to embrace and accept as much as you choose.
Ask for the awareness to know what still keeps you hooked into the illusion, as now the clarity and divine light born out of the darkness of the moon and the stillness of the twins, as one allows for major transformation.
A Solar Eclipse was when the Councils of Light and Golden Solar Beings through the Sun, Central Sun
and Greater Central Sun activated the Golden Solar Discs more fully,
which has now been completed as of the 11;11;2011.
The Golden Solar Discs were last active in the last Golden Cycle and kept the alignment with the Core of the Earth, with the Sun and Central Sun and harmony was experienced by all. At that time all beings not only knew but acted from their divine aspect within and was the norm, the Earth was in balance with the Solar System and we were more etheric, and operated in our Light Bodies more fully.
In this cycle as we descended into matter we had to learn to experience being in density fully in a body, and to love the whole experience and fully accept it and surrender into divine will. This cycle being in a body as our body becomes Light. This is now happening to us from within out, as the Golden Solar Discs have activated and linked to the Solar Grid that was re-activated in 1997. The Solar Grid links all the Golden Solar Discs and could not be activated until enough of humanity could hold the higher light of their solar selves. In 2007 November 24th Gemini Full Moon the Golden Solar Discs unified and linked in a complete energy field around Earth.
So with this Eclipse be open to your work with the Councils of Light from the Golden Solar Disc within you as Rays of higher frequency divine essence is anchored through the Solar Grid and Golden Solar Discs, through the Earth and collective unconscious. With the Golden Solar Grids united, the Light coming in through the Eclipses now is so radiant that it assists us to illuminate all the darkness in the cells and activate the DNA higher light octaves of divine existence and grace within the physical world of our bodies and the third dimension. Marrying Heaven and Earth, spirit and matter through your vehicle, the reason you have chosen to experience a body.

Align through the Suns and Source, your Heart and Sun within the core of the Earth and back through your Heart and the Sun that you are to the Source of all through the Suns.
Taking your awareness into your heart centre, with each breathe in, going deeper and deeper into yourself, aware of the stillness and absolute peace….As well as the love and warmth of the light from within shinning bright, the Sun/Star that you are…….Aware of the golden glow of the Golden Solar Disc within you, holder of the Living Library of Light. As now with this Solar Eclipse the Councils of Light and higher aspects of yourself and all other selves in unity consciousness has anchored more fully than ever before in this dimensional plane of existence. Being anchored even more strongly into the denser realms we remember who we are and shine brightly.
We have become more present and connected; enough to create an even bigger shift and expansion of consciousness. Astrologically we have crossed the threshold and made a move into the Age of Aquarius and will be there much more fully on the December Solstice enabling a big shift to take place. This eclipse is triggering the June Solstice to come; with sacred light codes that are awakened within us, but also in the plants, creatures and all life.
The RA Light of the SECOND SUNwill be strongly beaming through our heart, chakras, central channel, energy bodies as well as the RNA, the DNA, cells, all of us.
Many of you will physically be able to see this eclipse, but it has the same affect wether seen or not. If possible go to a place that calls you in nature, at a vortex, or this can be your lounge room or back yard as all Earth is scared and now the Golden Solar Discs are everywhere on the inner planes.
As we become the Golden Solar Disc we are, this means we hold the Living Library of Light within us. We have always held the light codes as they are not selective, but for all beings, as the Source is within each of us, regardless of how asleep or negative we maybe. This Solar Eclipse is allowing the Light to shine on the light shield that we on Earth are cocooned in since the Great Central Golden Solar Disc was unified into the Inner Earth Sun in 2008. The Earth’s axis is shifting and we as humans can adjust easier than other creatures, just like the 2 degrees raise in temperature is fine for us but not for a lot of life on Earth. Many life forms are and will no longer be able to stay here as this shift continues, this is not sad they are simply changing form and moving on in their journey also. But now that the Inner Earth Sun has shifted frequency since the Ninth Wave 8th/9th March 2011 it means that the cocoon around the Earth can become stronger and that new life forms that will be able to live in harmony with the changes taking place on Earth will be coming in.
You might want to meditate through the Solar Disc in your heart and in oneness with all the Suns to strengthen your own energy field and take advantage of the Light that is coming through in this Solar Eclipse. It is awakening more fully the Light Codes within you as you not only remember who you are but strengthen your energy field and physical body from the light codes within your RNA, DNA and cellular and divine blueprint.
see also http://heavenandearthastrology.blogspot.co.nz/2012/04/may-20th-solar-eclipse-alignments.html
MAYAN CALENDAR DAY 20th; 10 (manifestation, true essence self, intention, motivation) RED (East – electrifies, initiates) SERPENT- CHICCHAN (life force, serpent power, intimacy, instinct)
MAYAN CALENDAR DAY 21st; 11 (change, letting go, freedom) WHITE (North – refines, detached) DEATH- CIMI (transmutation, surrender, humility, revelation)

From the May 20th /21st Annular Solar Eclipse to the June 4th Partial Lunar Eclipse if possible spend time at a vortex and just be with the Earth and multi-dimensional energies in a state of allowing and peace.
We have two New Moons in Gemini, the Lunar Eclipse New Moon at 0.20 degrees on 20th/21st May and the day before the June Solstice, New Moon in Gemini 28.43 degrees 20th/21st June

AND SUN INTO GEMINI NZ 3.15am AUST EST 1.15am GMT 3.15pm 20th MAY
Alycone is the brightest star in the Pleiades and the Earth's Central Sun, it is sighted before the Sun on the horizon on this day. So is in effect the day of the Central Sun, the Sun and Central Sun are one. You may feel a connection to the Central Sun and wish to honour its energy in some way. In the Greater Reality the Central Sun holds the codes of the Creation Story, the Living Library of Light and the – Twelve operate at this level. When we have unified enough we awaken to the Creator Goddess/God we are and work consciously from this level co-creating Heaven on Earth.
MAYAN CALENDAR DAY; 11 (change, letting go, freedom) WHITE (North – refines, detached) DEATH- CIMI (transmutation, surrender, humility, revelation)

A star alignment is when or star constellation in question is aligned back into the earth plane in harmony with us. The Ancients knew the importance of Alignments; as above, so below,
and star-mapped the Earth by building conduits to anchor the energy with pyramids, standing stones, stone circles, temples and obelisks that held and aligned the particular stellar energies with the Central Sun in the core of the Earth, the Earth, and Heavens as harmony and abundance reigned. When we chose to go deeper into density and with the end of the last Golden Age and the Earth shifted then the star alignments also went out of synch. The stars have also moved since that time and so now with the return of the Golden Age, the star alignments are now happening again, anchoring that energy onto the earth plane and core of the Earth.
Procyon is the brightest star in Canis Minor, the lesser dog and means in Greek 'before the dog Sirius'. A star essence I made from it in 1993 in the mountains of northern , Australia was seen by others, until later unknown to me, as the star coming down and being milked and returning, the essence I made from it is "Blessed are you, oh one of the Light for you are free to Dance in Eternal Delight.' “I AM DIVINE INTERVENTION”.
Procyon plays more of a major role in our cosmology than many have realised, the light from Procyon and our connection to Procyon allows us to access our youthful radiance, inner beauty, divinity and multi-dimensional aspects that are now merging as the veils disappear. We not only realise who and what we are, but we become it in the physical, we become divine intervention within our self more than anything else, as we cut threw the illusion to unveil the radiance and transparency of our physical structure as light, through all the universe and creation, we walk through the worlds, star walker and earth walker, weaving the fabric of love through density and light. Humanity is now ready to embrace the higher aspects of self and Procyon is now anchored on the physical plane.
You may wish to do this next exercise to connect to your Procyon self.
After you have connected and gone within then take yourself back to when you were a child in your family home. Connect to yourself at 10 years old and visualise looking into the mirror in your bedroom or house then and see yourself as the Procyon girl or boy that radiates back to you, this aspect of you is real and here with you now. Allow the essence of Procyon and your multi-prismed divine self to be absorbed and integrated into your energy field. When you are ready be aware of yourself from 10 into 11 one with your divine beautiful radiant self and then up all the years until now.
On the June 21st Solstice 2003 Procyon was part of a four stared Stargate opening with Cancer the nurturing self, Procyon; youthful radiance, physical immortality. Regulus; divine self, and Gemini; joy. Activating our cells and to Be and Allow, radiant and beautiful, to be the Star that you are, your greatest service to humanity.
Then on September 16th 2006 the Stargate of Procyon opened, a stargate is an opening in the heavens that brings through to the Earth plane a higher frequency of certain energies when humanity is ready to receive them to assist in the raising of consciousness. It can be through one Star, a constellation of Stars, a planet or an even bigger doorway between different Star Systems and even planets.
When a Stargate is opened it is when humanity is ready to move through the doorway into a higher frequency of their divinity. Stargates are opened when their particular energies are relevant for another shift in consciousness.
On February 16th this year 2012 there was also a deeper opening of the Procyon Stargate as well as it being in the four stars of the Starmap on 20th January. As the Procyon energy comes more fully into our being ness, it is a star of not only Divine Intervention but of eternal renewal and as a Sun it shines very bright and keeps opening us up deeper at each Stargate opening, and now today with this star alignment.
Since the 2003 Stargate opening the Procyon light has been awakening our consciousness and now the Star itself is going to be realigned to Earth, as it was in the last golden cycle but this time in higher octaves of light.
If you feel connected to this energy and choose to anchor it here on Earth, then where ever you are; sacred site, portal, beach, garden, at home, be open as a vessel to allowing this amazing energy to anchor on Earth.
Please click STAR UNIONS for more on stellar energies.
MAYAN CALENDAR DAY: 5 (centre, core purpose, acceptance) RED (East – electrifies, initiates) CANE – BEN (time/space traveller, skywalker, angelic messenger, new directions)




NZ 11.12pm AUST EST 9.12pm GMT 11.12am
ECLIPSE TIMES NZ 11.03pm AUST EST 9.03pm GMT 11.03am
is when the Moon is closest to the Earth at NZ 1.19am 4th EST AUST 11.19pm 3rd GMT 1.19pm 3rd
A Pedigree causes tension and possible earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and extreme weather. This tension can be utilized in positive ways to be from our centre and hold the beam in the stillness and oneness for all humanity and life. What can we do now to ensure a bright future for many generations to come?
A Lunar Eclipse is when the Sun and Moon are opposite with the Earth in between, a Partial Eclipse is when the Moon’s position opposite the Sun is only partially shadowed.
This is also the third powerful Full Moon in the year after the Wesak Full Moon, this is the Full Moon of Goodwill for all humanity. The Full Moon is a time of completion and celebration, and when the Sun and the Moon are opposite. The Full Moon in Sagittarius is a time of focusing on the spiritual aspects and higher learning and wisdom, coupled with the fact of it being the Goodwill Full Moon we can focus on seeing/knowing all humanity in a state of peace, divinity and wisdom within themselves and all beings. The Sagittarius/Gemini polarity is also a very out there type of energy so a good time to be with others and have fun. Something we are learning now is that to be spiritual does not mean to be serious, but rather to express our joy, the energies of the full moon can enhance this. So rather than getting caught up in what's wrong and thinking it needs to be fixed, which is an illusion, as all is already whole and divine, rather see the joy and love in all beings and start to play more.
Lunar Eclipses are working more on the emotions, inner and hidden aspects, you will be able to go deep not only into your own psyche and centre but work with the Councils of Light in holding the Divine Source/Light portals world wide in oneness and unity. Creating higher dimensional zones where duality has been playing out. This is not about changing, controlling or judging but merely being the anchor you truly are and holding the higher frequencies as we move beyond the illusion.
The eclipse will be visible throughout most of Asia, Australia, the Pacific Ocean, and the Americas. (NASA Map and Eclipse Information)
Nasa says ‘The first lunar eclipse of 2012 occurs at the Moon's ascending node in southern Ophiuchus about 6° northeast of Antares (mv = +1.07). It is best seen from locations in and near the Pacific Ocean (Figure 3). Most of the Americas will experience moonset before the eclipse ends while eastern Asia will miss the beginning of the eclipse because it occurs before moonrise.”
This eclipse is illuminating us from within and bringing clarity to see and be our higher self/inner self and work in the Bigger Picture. If you feel stuck look at your life from yourself as a Light Being and laugh and lighten up.
Also be aware that everyone in your life is there in a bigger picture sense as well. Ask permission on the inner planes if you are allowed to be shown who they really are, and your mission together from the bigger picture and Greater Reality. This will help to shift a lot of the old patterns and dramas that are no longer appropriate and be in a peaceful loving space with everyone.
In the Bigger Picture you may feel guided to be at a vortex point or sacred site as there is much occurring now with the grids and the anchor points of the old and new paradigms. A shift is taking place and many portals and vortexes that held the beam in the old paradigm when duality was our lesson are now changing position as we unify and awaken our hearts to the love that we are. Some are still working and are being recalibrated. There is a lot of Light coming in with this eclipse as the Moon assists us to move through the initiations of the heart.
For more on the Moon see the LIVING LIGHT Booklet
MAYAN CALENDAR DAY; 12 (stability in expansion, union of polarities) YELLOW (South – ripens, allows) LIGHT – AHAU (Sun, Enlightenment, unconditional love)

The passage of Venus across the face of the Sun happens every 104 years. A Venus Transit is an astronomical event where the planet Venus passes between the Earth and the Sun – a sort of eclipse. Venus Transits lasts for 6-7 hours and come in pairs separated by exactly 8 Earth years minus two days. The more recent Venus Transits occurred in the years 1761/ 1769 and 1874/ 1882 with the most recent on June 8th 2004 and now June 6th 2012. Venus was considered very important to the Mayans and a sister planet to Earth. One ancient Mayan prophecy says that the new world of consciousness will be born on the occasion of the Venus Passage in June, 2012.
This transit is creating an energy cone through the Sun and Venus at the spaces in between that connects into the hearts of humans and opens the doorway to the universal love that shines from the Sun within our hearts. It is accelerating the heart opening and the June 8th 2004 transit was is a trigger point from the Solar Cross at 11 August 1999 and with the next Venus Transit now in 2012. It creates the dimensional shift for those who choose to be in the Heaven on Earth of their own creation through the higher levels of consciousness that we are and operate from.
In the build up to this transit there is much work going on in the inner planes assisting humanity to be receptive in their hearts to this cone of energy that is being gifted by this cosmic event. Take some time out to be, allow and do what you feel guided from your heart to do, in order to receive, share and give in this divine cosmic flow of high frequency energy. A great time for sharing in groups so if you do not have a gathering to join why not create one to share this amazing time with others.
It will be visible through New Zealand, Australia, most of Asia, the Pacific Ocean and North America.
Beginning at first light time 6.34am 6th June, UT 5,34pm 5th June and lasts six hours. http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html
Do not look at the Sun to observe it, but observe with the aid of a projected image of the Sun.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transit_of_Venus http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transit_of_Venus,_2012
According to Nasa ‘This extremely rare event will be entirely visible throughout most of eastern Asia, eastern Australia, and Alaska. A partial transit can be seen in progress at sunrise throughout Europe, western Asia, and eastern Africa. A partial transit can be seen in progress at sunset throughout most
of North America, Central America, and western South America.
The next transit will not take place until the year 2117. (NASA Transit Information | NASA Transit Map)
MAYAN CALENDAR DAY 5th JUNE; 13 (unseen, unexpected change, transcend, presence) RED (East – electrifies, initiates) ALLIGATOR- IMIX ( source of life, birth, nurturing, nourishment, trust)
MAYAN CALENDAR DAY 6th JUNE; 1 (unity, unconditional love, new beginnings) WHITE (North – refines, detached) WIND – IK (co-creator of reality, unseen forces, inspiration, presence)

The Beings in the Inner Earth wish for you to become aware more fully of the Inner Earth Sun , this Sun is so important to us now as we connect deeper into the Sun within us, so too do we connect deeper into the Sun within the Earth. Through our connection to the Inner Earth Sun and Sun within us we merge them to create the Earthsun Body that connects our physical body and all our energy bodies with those of the Earth, assisting us to be clear and holding the higher energies. We have had the energy of the Inner Earth Sun connecting with us a few times in the last few years and today is another day to consciously do this again.
From the Tulum in the Yucatan Peninsular, Mexico in 2004 at the vortex there I was told by the Inner Earth Sun;
”Beloved you connected with me ALTZELTEL the Sun in the centre of the Earth, code keeper of the New Earth that has been held by me for five cycles of the Earths spin. Now I have come up for the New Earth. The codes are set to fully go off when the world is in the darkest hour".
From Pena Del Bernal in 2005 in central Mexico the Toltec Guardian comes to me, he wants to tell me much of the Toltec ways; "The Sun and Moon are not the most important, the Second Sun is in our awareness and we honour it also with the Earth and the beings of the Inner Earth. We come from the star that became one with the Sun and created the Sun in the Earth. The Sun in the Earth is the Inner Earth world and is more brilliant and radiant. We come from this star and returned to it. The Mayans, us and others did not go to the stars but the Inner Earth. Your job now is working with the Inner Earth and that aspect of you that is of the Inner Earth, for that is what you are and where you are going, the Inner Earth is the New Earth."
The Inner Earth's magnetic core and Sun stabilises the universal electromagnetic energy as well as our Earth's, when the energy becomes less at the core then the tectonic plates shift and volcanoes explode to create more energy at the core of the Earth and Inner Sun to maintain harmony with the Universe. At this time for us to assist in the shift in cycle and the earth changes to be harmonious for all then the Fire Keepers are now called on to remember their mission, if not already, and to work with the Fire in order to feed this element back into the core of the Earth. In ancient times Fire Keepers were necessary and knew what was going on with the Earth and our place in the Universe, as the stars were aligned with the vortexes of the Earth.
Now it is time to do this again and so any fires that you have that are made in a sacred way will assist the Inner Earth Sun to become stronger and thereby keep our position in the Universe in harmony. Some of you may do Agno Hotra and some of you may often have a fire, but if you are unable to do this then a candle is sufficient as you connect to the Greater Central Sun and Central Sun and Sun and become the vessel of Light that you are as you are the conductor and transmitter of the fire and solar rays into the Inner Earth Sun.
On this day we celebrate the Inner Earth Sun and if you feel this is right for you then go to a vortex or scared site that calls you and light a fire or candle. (Please respect the earth and plants and also fire bans, only do a small fire and make sure it is completely out with water or soil before you leave).
Connect to Source through the Suns and Sun in your heart and Inner Earth Sun and do what ever sounds, rituals, dances, mudras, meditations you feel too and hold the intention that the fire energy is for the Inner Earth Sun and to maintain harmony between the inner and outer worlds, the Earth and Universe. That the Earth Changes and Cyclic Shift are created and experienced in divine will and plan with divine love, joy, peace, ease, flow, balance and harmony for all beings, dimensions and worlds.
If you wish to connect to the Inner Earth Sun
then here is a link to connect first through the Suns and the Inner Earth Sun by being in your Earthsun Body .
After you have connected and are your Earthsun Body allow yourself to go down into the Earth, deeper and deeper into the Earth…. into the Inner Earth….. and through the radiant Sun of the Inner Earth.
Be open to receiving and giving in divine will and allowing, to Be….
‘Inner Earth Sun you are the ONE who illuminates night and day, when the time is one you well shine on top of the Earth as night and day become ONE, thank you for showing yourself to me.
I love you as me, as me as you, blessings upon all who are at the core. EARTH – HEART – THE RA….AR RA’
The Inner Earth Sun completely changed frequency on the Ninth Wave and Universal Underworld of the Mayan Calendar 8/9th March 2011, the exhilaration of Earth changes and changes in us have been full on ever since. http://www.calleman.com/content/ninthwaveintro.pdf
The Liquid Light Plasma now glows from the Inner Earth Sun and today she is asking you to be particularly receptive to this flow from the Inner Earth Sun. Lie on the earth and connect into the Inner Earth Sun and be in the beautiful Liquid Light Plasma.
For more on the Earthsun Body and related to chakras and light bodies see in
MAYAN CALENDAR DAY; 6 (balance, receptivity, organise) BLUE (West – energise, transforms) DEER – MANIK (completion, gateway, beauty, cosmic dance)

JUNE 15th
We are becoming more psychic, telepathic and empathic to our brothers and sisters in the natural worlds. Those who love animals know that they are beings and often shape shifting humans who have come into animal form as they can grow more and experience what their soul requires in this form. They are also such givers of unconditional love and anyone who thinks they are inferior to humans is not looking at them at all. Even though their brains maybe small, my peacock whom was my guardian when I lived in the bush in Queensland for many years had a pea sized brain, size wise but he was exceptionally intelligent and so are all animals and creatures. Many insects are from the stars like the Andromedan Praying Mantis and they give amazing transmissions.
So today take some time to really BE with your beloved companions and friends in different forms and be open to their love, light and codes of transmission.
The plants and flowers give us such love and their essences can balance all our bodies and soul.
The fairies are also asking me to tell you to find a fairy ring, a circle of trees and they will come and play with you and share. If you cannot find a ring then in your garden will be a place, or if no garden a pot plant to embrace, or public park. They will come out although mostly they stay hidden in public places for the consciousness has not accepted them, but if your heart is open and you acknowledge their grace then be open for some wonderful exchanges of energy.
No gift is needed as the gift is you willing to share in love and divine grace to play fair and be with the worlds of creation. Accessing other dimensions of yourself in unity and divine love, the Fairies have much to show us as do all the Elementals.
On April 16th this year we had an Elementals connecting day but they seem to be insistent that there is more awareness of them, so another opportunity to enter into their realms. If you are unwell you may have Elementals trapped in you so ask on the inner and if so then what do they need to be free? Visualize them with this energy as they can return to their dimension in peace and love, and your body and being can become whole and healed.
The Elementals are asking me to tell you all to wake up to what’s going on with all the pollution and the ocean oil spills, the reason for the bush fires, the hurricanes and freak tornadoes, the super storms and floods and earthquakes that are getting worse and affecting more people world wide.
Humanity has to now realise it is because of our negative emotions and thoughts that we create all these things. And then they come cleanse us physically as we have not done the work on the inner with them, which we could do so easily and not have suffering and struggle anymore. The old reptilian days of slave mentality and suffer to survive, or work hard to exist are coming to an end as we let go the attachment to the material world and trust the Goddess/God in us.
Learning to Love and Accept all our negative thoughts and emotions and so transcend them.
The Devas show us the interconnection between all life and the Light waves of creation. They are here to assist us to grow and in the New Earth we all live in harmony as you are back in your past unifying the separation through the Love that you are as you create Heaven on Earth.
MAYAN CALENDAR DAY; 10 (manifestation, true essence self, intention, motivation) BLUE (West – energise, transforms) MONKEY – CHEUN (transparency, cosmic joke, spontaneity, artistry)

JUNE 19th/20th NEW MOON IN GEMINI 28.43 degrees Blue New Moon
MATARIKI, Maori New Year, the return of the Seven Sisters, the Pleiades
NZ 3.02am 20th AUST EST 1.02am 20th GMT 3.02pm JUNE 19th
The New Moon is always the time to go within, to the inner planes and parts of us that are hidden. It is also the seed of the new beginning and when the Sun and the Moon are One. In Gemini we are also unifying the twins in us, the polarities are given a chance to really merge as the Sun and Moon are One through the higher aspects of Gemini. A time when you are able to connect more deeply to the inner communication with your true essence, divine self and also yourself as a being in the Councils of Light.
This the second New Moon in Gemini, the first being with the Solar Eclipse May 20th/21st and the twins who unify in their higher state into oneness are giving us a double opportunity to do this within ourselves. So this is a double blast of cosmic energy creating a doorway of opportunity for you to unify. So be aware of the buttons that still get pressed in you via people or situations, as well as guilt, fear, anxiety and anger, rage and fury you may still be holding within, not too mention any old self hatreds or judgements of yourself.
By connecting into your heart you can resolve these with the breath and love and acceptance.
Today is also a good time to write your clear focused intentions of what you wish for yourself and your life and for motivating yourself to start activating your DNA and light codes more fully.
See my books LIGHT CODE ACTIVATIONS DIAMOND LIGHT ILLUMINATION WORKBOOK and LIVING LIGHT Booklet if you are really interested in doing this.
MAYAN CALENDAR DAY 19th JUNE; 1 (unity, unconditional love, new beginnings) BLUE (West – energise, transforms) EAGLE – MEN (vision, hope, compassionate service, expanded consciousness)
MAYAN CALENDAR DAY 20th JUNE; 2 (polarize, co-operation, challenge of duality YELLOW (South – ripens, allows) OWL – CIB (Cosmic consciousness, divine communication, inner voice, grace, trust)

Gemini in Ursae Minor opposite the Galactic Centre.
Polaris is marking the North Celestial Pole and will be closest to it in 2100AD, then it will start to move away. It is sighted on this day before the Sun and is opposite the Galactic Centre so good opportunity to go within, to the Source within you. Into the stillness and silence and to be open to inner guidance. For those who are conscious of moving through dimensional worlds a doorway is open to move through the Source point of the prism and into what you are Co-creating.
MAYAN CALENDAR DAY; 2 (polarize, co-operation, challenge of duality YELLOW (South – ripens, allows) OWL – CIB (Cosmic consciousness, divine communication, inner voice, grace, trust)


SUN INTO CANCER JUNE 21st NZ 11.08am AUST EST 9.08am
The Winter Solstice is when the Sun again turns Northward in the Southern Hemisphere, after having reached its furthermost southern declination. At the Winter Solstice the Divine Light reaches the inner most centre of the globe, there it remains for four days, impregnating the Earth with its Life. It is the birth of the Sun, and creates a new growth cycle, the Earth and all beings are made ready for a fresh beginning. It is a time when a great amount of Cosmic energy is given too us to heighten our vibrations and expand our awareness, through the new Sun. Each year the energy is increased as we awaken and attain our fulfilment. The Sun is within our heart and so our Solar Self is Divine Love. At the Summer Solstice we started our inner journey and purification, now we are completing and ready to step into the new and heightened frequencies through the Sun, Central Sun, and Greater Central Sun as all the cycles are now merging in alignment of the Suns. As we ourselves step into the Golden Cycle by being our Solar Self.
MAYAN CALENDAR DAY; 3 (rhythm, creativity, integration, sacred trinity) RED (East – electrifies, initiates) EARTH – CABAN ( earth keeper, synergy, galactic alignment, world crystalline resonance)

The Summer Solstice is when the life force and creativity of nature climax. What budded in youth has now blossomed into maturity, nature attains its peak of perfection, the transformation has been accomplished. The Solar Rays are at their peak, the Light that permeated the core of the Earth at the Winter Solstice is now radiating fully through the Earth and through all of nature. The Summer Solstice is a time when the Light has been brought back from the core of the Earth and all is illuminated, a celebration of life and the bounty, grace and abundance that is given to us from the Sun.
MAYAN CALENDAR DAY; 2 (polarize, co-operation, challenge of duality YELLOW (South – ripens, allows) OWL – CIB (Cosmic consciousness, divine communication, inner voice, grace, trust)

This Solstice is influenced by the last three big cosmic events with the Solar Eclipse of May 20th/21st, the Lunar Eclipse of June 4th and Venus Transit of June 5th/6th. Be open to the joy of the Solar Rays illuminating from the Sun as the doorway was opened at the June Solstice in 2001 and now it is time to move fully into the level of your divinity at the level of the Sun, your unified aspects in the heightened love of yourself as a Co-Creator. Become aware of what you are creating as a Solar unified being. (We are not looking at the Sun as male or female, as there is no duality, male and female are one). So if you still feel you have issues with your Inner Male and Female now is a golden opportunity to marry them and then take yourself on a journey into the Sun. If you still have difficulty with this then look at what is going on in your charkas, as the kundalini is able to rise through you as you become clear. This is good time to start clearing and transmuting all the blocks that may still be held in the Chakras.
At the Solstice the RA Light coming through from the Suns and Source is illuminating your Sun within and physical immortality, body of LIGHT. There are a lot of light codes being awakened in us at this Solstice and from the build-up we have had to assist us to make the shift in consciousness required as we shift cycles and in preparation for the December Solstice.
On this day take yourself to a sacred place or where ever you can, it’s important to make the effort.
Connect to the Suns at the time of the Solstice as well as sunrise, noon, sunset and midnight on the 20th in the Northern Hemisphere and 21st in the Southern Hemisphere.
Be open to what is occurring with the cyclic shift as you go deeper into the peace within and allow yourself to be the beam holding the energies within you. As we make this great leap now into our higher dimensional self and the worlds of our Ancestors, Ancient Ones and Star Lineages through our heart. Be open to yourself as a golden being in the Council of Light and as an anchor and vessel for the union of Heaven and Earth. One with the Inner Earth Sun, Sun, Central and Second Suns, Greater Central Sun.
On this day of the Sun polarizing with Earth either the furthest or the closet to Earth depending on what hemisphere you live, it is also opening a doorway through the dimensional worlds.
On the March Equinox 2010 the dimensional worlds merged with our third dimensional Earth and our third dimensional selves. This was a huge event and has created a new light body, the Iridescent Light Body at 33,000 strands of DNA. Now at this Solstice when the Councils of Light through the Greater Central Sun sit and utilize the doorway opening this brings, we are given the opportunity to embrace and awaken more fully our
dimensional selves and unify with them.
You may be aware of some of your dimensional aspects right now and of course in the Bigger Picture and Lore of One we are all of them. On our journey to wholeness we are remembering the light codes we have always carried and that have lain dormant as they awaken at our own pace and soul journey with our RNA and DNA strands.
With this Solstice an exhilaration of consciousness is happening; and you are able to access and awaken the light codes of very useful multi-dimensional aspects of self, that will assist you in not only your own ascension process of Being your divine self but all humanity and creation.
With this Solstice give yourself the gift of a day somewhere special to you and where you can commune within easily, whether it’s in nature, at a major vortex, in a temple or at home in your sanctuary. You can awaken your remembrance of the Creator Goddess God you are in the bigger picture and beyond.
Because of your dedication to your soul growth and awakened light body you assist all creation and have always been connected to your higher dimensional aspects and they have guided your progress. Now you can activate the light codes still dormant that have just given you glimpses until now and bringing you into the hyper-dimensional realms of no time and space where you are beyond all limitations that have been placed on you by yourself and the old paradigm Earth dramas. As you take your place in the Councils of Light and realms of Creation that see the Big Picture and allow you to hold the light codes through all worlds and dimensions and into the realms of matter for the union that is taking place