May 20th 2012

We are the Pleiadians and we have a message for you.

The upcoming of May 20 (May 21 depending on where you live on ) is approaching very quickly now and we are most pleased with this. At last we have the opportunity to show ourselves from our strongest side for the first time in thousands of years. This upcoming is a gift which we look out for and which will accomplish many changes. All around the planet portals are opening here and there and the energetic boost which will be released in the alignment with your planet and Moon during this will open a very important portal which will be essential for the to the 5th Dimension. This opening of this portal will not go unnoticed and will instigate many changes which will become obvious in the near future for all of you.

There is a lot going on and still much is to be disclosed in a very short while. If only you knew what has already transpired behind the scenes. As a matter of fact, you would not be able to fully grasp it in its totality because it is so huge. So we steer it in your direction gradually, step by step, in order to minimize a tension. What is the essence of the alignment of our Home-world, the Pleiades, with your planet, and ? This alignment happens very rarely and the positions of the Earth, and the Moon with the Pleiades will cause a certain rotation of the axe of the Earth. With this rotation a portal will open ensuring your passage to Ascension. So it is of utmost importance what will happen energetically. We will coordinate everything carefully and we hope that we can count on your cooperation by coming together at the time of the Solar Eclipse and to concentrate on your spiritual evolution. It is most advisable to meditate, to open your crown chakra as well as your third eye chakra (pineal gland) and let our energetic information enter into your being and welcome it in your heart, for your heart is the center of your being and not your brain. Convert this in self-love and send this out to all the people in your vicinity. In that way the love and will spread out even to those yet still unawakened.
Feel how you become lighter and flow together to the One Source of Love. This is Ascension my dear brothers and sisters; nothing more and nothing less. To many people it is unimaginable what Ascension implies and it is hard for us to explain more clearly as the Universe operates in very complex ways and exists of countless energies each sprouting from One Source, than to split even further and still further and even blend with other energies … All in all, an endless process. What you will see is that Ascension in itself will be a beautiful process which is irreversible. Say good-bye to sorrow and lower vibrations, as they will no longer be part of your existence. “Enjoy” your last remaining days in the 3rd Dimension which is in itself collapsing now. Be prepared and also be ready and continue with your current life for you won’t have to wait that long anymore. The line-up with our Homeworld, the Pleaides, puts you all one big step further along the way and much closer to Ascension. So take as much of our warm, uplifting energies as you can and transmute them in love for yourself and others.

I AM of the and I thank you for the opportunity to share this message. Namaste.

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