ELA of the Galactic Federation of Light

of the of Light


Life in the Universe is boundless, although many on have no concept of it. Even at your own level in what are called the lower dimensions, life can manifest in a number of different ways. Some of you see alternative life forms as something to be feared, but this arises from misunderstanding. Certainly there are situations which beg your careful approach, and you can be prone to interference by other entities if you are not cautious. 


Many of you have had momentary out of the experiences, but normally you cannot exercise over what happens. There is a difference from experiencing an accidental release from your , as against one that is intentional and controlled by you.


Try releasing yourself for a few moments from the traumas of Earth. Quieten yourself and use relaxation techniques that allow you to clear your mind of your earthly worries. Now, imagine projecting your mind out of your to a location of your choosing. It could for example be with the intention of rising up into the higher dimensions. Some of you can do this at will, but for the vast majority it is not considered possible. Yet you have the ability although it may lie dormant, and what is first required is your .


Although you may successfully project your mind which some may call remote viewing, you are at the same time still totally aware of your physical body. You will seem to be in two locations at the same time, but in total control of your faculties. If you fear for any you will be immediately come back to your physical body. It is a natural element of safety that avoids any possibility of it being an unpleasant for you.


You could for example become proficient at doing it, and elect to visit your moon or another planet. What are you going to do when you get there, as it is you who decide what is to be your next step. Take in the surroundings and become aware of whether you sense other life forms around you. If you do so, there will usually be a contact, and there is likely to be a materialization before you. Beings of Light will show themselves if you acknowledge their presence.


The realms around your Earth are teeming with life, but it is not always desirable to make a contact as some are earthbound spirits. Normally they are the ones who have passed over with absolutely no belief in an after life. Consequently, they release from the physical body and go nowhere at all. You have some groups who specialize in helping these lost souls move on, but until that is done they can roam around the Earth. They give rise to many ghostly stories, as they tend to stay at locations that they identify with.


For reasons that your Guides often draw near to you, they may also be seen as it were out of the corner of your eye. Sometimes a more obvious manifestation will occur, when it is necessary to mark a milestone in your life. Many a person has had such an experience that has uplifted them, and changed the direction of their lives. In all of these different experiences there is no need to be fearful as you are not in danger. However, it would not be advisable to continually go around as some do, with a totally open aura. It is because some earthbound spirits will delight in joining you within your physical body to share your experiences. For this reason beware of drug taking or any excess that can make the body susceptible to such occurrences.


You all have angelic protection, and sometimes they also have a need to appear to you. It is usually an overwhelming experience, and the energies surrounding them are pulsating with many colors and immense love that holds you in awe of them. A very holy experience indeed, and one that usually lives in the mind for all time, and as clear as when it first took place. serve the Creator and honor Man for his adventure into the physical realms.


With all of these life forms around you, it is obvious why when you open yourself up care must be taken. There are a number of forms of protection that you can use, and surrounding yourself in white light is very appropriate. By all means project your mind outwards, and you can direct yourself as to where you want to go to, and soon find out if you have the ability to do so.


We have no difficulties in moving to wherever we desire within our own realms, and do so through our power of thought. It is instantaneous, and you too will have the same power once you have ascended. Outside of the dimensions of any planet, modes of travel are used to ride the energies that are the motive power. It includes dimensional shifts, and even passing through what you call wormholes. Knowledge of all of this will be yours in good time, when you take your place alongside your extraterrestrial family.


Moving into superconsciousness will be one of your greatest achievements. You will be as a god that you really are even at this time. It is to be a re-linking with your Higher Self and becoming One. It will be a natural development as part of your climb back through the dimensions.


I am Ela come again from Arcturus, and when you peer into the higher dimensions imagine the wonders of perfection within realms that reflect the majestic beauty that abounds all around. Think of perfection in shape and colors that magically blend together to the delight of the eye. Feel the energies live with consciousness gently caressing you. Be at One with All that Is, as you experience the balance and harmony that exists throughout them. You can if you desire, feel and touch these energies with your mind.


The Arcturians are part of the great company that comprises The Galactic Federation, and oversee your transition from duality to . We shall bring with us all manner of help and our special skills in healing. We shall be able to advance your understanding quite rapidly in these particular fields. Our desire is to lift you up quickly and heal the ravages of time, and prepare you for greater things. Our methods are extremely advanced and your experience with us will be pleasant and rewarding. All is in a state of change, and we shall help manifest the perfection that lies in your original blueprint.


Thank you Ela.

~Mike Quinsey.