1 May 2012


I Am

Greetings dear Beloveds,
I am honoured to be manifest within your energies at this time of the year 2012. What an exciting and grand time you have chosen to incarnate at this time. The realization of your missions on are coming to the fore at an incredible fast rate. At one time you may have believed to be just following the Ascended and Gurus of your human existence ……..however as you are awakening and remembering your true nature as & Leaders you are realising all the answers are within you. Many Pleiadians became Lemurian who were the foundation of Ancient Egyptian Spirituality who were born as humans in your now times.
Many of you were trained as High dimensional guides and Masters committed to serving earth in human form which is common knowledge to your higher self which is why it is imperative to be in with your higher self at all times.

I will give you a simple way to be in connection with your higher self and higher as follows;

1.Cleanse your area well with whatever method you are familiar with…a smudge stick with intention is the simplest method however whichever feels right for you…..
2.Sit in a comfortable position with your eyes closed and ground yourself with breath work until you feel centered.
3.Call in your own Higher Self to be with you throughout this process.
4.Visualise earth floating in a large bubble with all of the people in angel form of the earth around the outside of the bubble.
5.Visualise a gold infinity sign and send this to all those outside the bubble……….
6.Repeat out loud “I wish to connect to the collective consciousness”
7.Visualise this message, Love & is being carried through the infinity symbol to the collective consciousness and their love, & messages are coming straight back to you through the infinity symbol.
8.When you feel the connection tell them your wishes of peace & love for the earth & for yourself.
9.Ask them all to align for the highest good in actions, thoughts & deeds for the divine plan of the collective consciousness that will bring peace & light to the earth.
10.Relax in quiet meditation for as long as you wish and enjoy the energy flowing back & forth between you all.
11. Finally open your eyes and go about your day or evening with the knowing you are at one with all that is.
Repeat as often as you wish.
This will assist you for allowing your higher self to connect as your higher self loves the collective consciousness.

Those of you that were trained & initiated that way within the Crystal Cities of light will feel somehow not of this world & yet very much on earth with specific missions. These missions are becoming known to you in many what you may feel as unusual & even urgent sensations. You are being divinely guided to listen & take notice of these signs to review your life plans very much like a map that is being shown to you that you must take steps one foot in front of the other.

You are transcending all karmic patterns you chose to complete by 2013so this is why many are finding it difficult at time within your 3rd dimensional life as you slip between 4th & 5th dimensions all at once. Many have chosen to transition this lifetime to be of a guide assisting others to the light from the higher realms. This can be a physical death or ascension during the earth changes which is a time of celebration, not of sadness for these beings have completed their earth mission. I understand of course you will feel the sadness which is a human emotion however as we remember there is no separation, they are always close by to those close. A wake up call is happening, the alarm clock is going off & your snooze button is inoperable.

There are dimensional time warps happening everywhere as you will find one minute you are reading a book, your eyes close & you experience yourself in another time, place or even in another body & then as quickly as that happens your time hour has gone leaving you wondering what has happened. So much of acceleration of time as time becomes an illusion in reality. More of you will be searching for the answers, I repeat, they are al within you but you must listen to your inner voice by stilling & quietening your mind with more meditative states than you have ever experienced.

At times you will be drawn to some Elders to guide you into remembrance so that you can fly without your training wings into your inner knowing. There is an urgency to heal body, mind ,spirit & soul and the quickest most beneficial way is to allow your higher self to be the leader. Become your higher self & your divine ego will soon push the altered ego aside where it is meant to be if not gone altogether even better. So many are also experiencing releasing the weight of emotional & physical baggage as it has no place within your Ascending Being state.

The Atlantean, Lemurian & the Ancient Egyptian consciousness will be drawing you all together at the same time so all you have had in those times will be once more present in your now times as you transition through self exploration to Self Mastery.

If you become closed to these changes or resist, you will limit your possibilities to become fully awakened for your purpose. Let go of the limits so that you become a dimensional traveler & a true remembered & anchored in light through the nine dimensions on Earth…………most of allyour dream will become your reality & the outcome is up to you alone. Many of you have experienced Heaven as in the 5th dimension when in moments of stress, physical or emotional when you have been reminded of why you chose to come to the Earth at this time.

I Ra have chosen this conversation with more of a personal nature with you rather than a lengthy one about your Star brothers & Sisters who are close at hand that will be showing themselves to you in a very short time as the and others have already covered this subject quite well with you so I wished to keep this more personal from me to you. Keep your hearts open beloved children and your mind out of interference for your mission & journey. Take note of your dreams at this time more than ever as that is when your mind sleeps and we are able to impart much knowledge, visions and directions to guide you on your path. Once you have surrendered to your mission, your pathway to bringing heaven on earth will be clearer.

Always we here to guide, protect , assist & be present in your lives when you have the faith & trust. The birthing of the new earth is upon you in this year of 2012 so join together in Peace, Love & Light as Fear does not have a place within your ascension. I love & respect each & everyone who follows their dreams to fruition in the Light. Always at your service dear Light Beings as you co-create with us, & be at one with all that is,

Till we speak again, Divine Blessings,
I am Ra
Channeled through Rosalie Muir this day May 1st, 2012

Please share as long as you provide credit & link, many thanks, Rosalie