May 9th, 2012. Channeled by Eve Miller.
I asked about what is it that I need to do now in order to better myself, in order to reach higher states of consciousness. Especially in this time, when so many changes are taking place. So by the means of automatic writing, the answer came from the and the Angelic Hosts. A beautiful and simple way to better understand ourselves.

Dearest Hearts,
Drop the urgency. You are where you are, realize that the feeling of exhilaration and anticipation is actually the joy caused by being closer to your Truth. The darkness, if we may so call it, the illusion, is causing one to think that something is out of order and uses those feelings described against you, telling you that you must do or become something else.
You are the mission, and the mission has perfect timing. This time is important for you to realize Who You Are. Not just realize, but memorize, remember and once again accept that you are.

So tell us what is it that you know about who you are? What do you feel in your heart?
Once you relax and quiet yourselves, you feel at peace. You feel like an individualized drop of water in an endless ocean. Still feeling little in comparison, still separating yourself from it all. There are no drops of water in the ocean. For it's all one. Once a part of that water is separated, measures and taken outside of the ocean ( which is not possible if the ocean is endless, but for the sake of comparison let's say it is) then the only knowledge that the drop would hold would be of what source it came from. It would identify as the ocean, part of the ocean. So humanity has tricked themselves in believing that they are outside of the Spirit, outside of the Source, outside of that endless ocean, and that they have a measured / formed identity outside of it all. The identity, the consciousness of the particle, the observer of that water drop is the ocean itself nonetheless. You as humans are given a playground in which you may express yourself in, yet you are the ocean and of the ocean and within the ocean, meaning, you are God, and in God Itself. Your thoughts and feelings are a language through which God comes through. Not separate, but are It. I AM. The illusion, as note the word "illusion" itself, a false existence made to appear real, is telling you that you are still separate. The illusion itself is a veil of consciousness , of understanding, which at your will can be removed for it is your own creation. The veils are not Universal law governed existences, but rather your own thought-up separations. Obscure, obsolete, and in reality irrelevant. You are the only keeper of it.
So then a good question is: How do you live within the knowledge of all this? How can one know it for what it is and not just have it be a passing feeling or a state of enlightenment?
First of all, stop searching. When you come from a perception that you still don't have what you need (let it be a piece of information in this case) then you disown it. So, stop. Learn to truly stop. Stop expecting, stop anticipating. We have spoken in regards to this with you before. You need to learn to stop. ( And let us clarify that we do not mean to abandon awareness, but rather stop within the very moment you are at now. ) There are treasures to be found in this moment. Learn to slip into the gap. Remember, that the time, upon which you have learned on this planet to base your judgments and achievements , is not real. So, if it is not real, then there is no need to rush. Why rush? To return home? That feeling of all-knowingness, all connectedness, all bliss and power? Well, if you feel that you need to rush, then you believe that ALL THAT IS, is outside of you, outside of where you are at and thus feeding the very expensive and frustrating habit of illusion. Stop. Right here and now. Hold your thoughts , those wild horses of your imagination in place, in this very moment of where you are .
Practice this for a while. Make it a habit. By choice, by your free will.. Then we will give you later instructions of what to examine next. Just remember, you are never separate. You are still water in the endless ocean. Ocean being Spirit and water drop being you. And once you return to that knowledge , you will begin to expand your consciousness , your You, to envelop larger amounts of water, beyond your single drop. You will then become a handful, then a gallon, then a ton, until you will return home to realize that you are the ocean itself and will identify yourself as that. (And after that you just might want to examine and experience all the drops in the water again, and see yourself from that perspective.)
But for now, be here. Be in the now. Let go of non-existent tomorrow and long gone yesterday. Just stop. With much love.
-Ascended Masters and Angelic Hosts.