19 May 2012  

New May 20, 2012

As normal the energies seem to hit me a day or so before they hit most other people. This is the 19th and the waves hit last night/this morning. There were somewhere between 12 and 15 waves that hit in succession. They were very powerful and most of them seemed to be activating / bodies that I had already activated earlier. It seemed like a second activation of those bodies and hit all levels/all densities from the highest to the lowest. All levels were being activated. There were also three or four other waves that were not familiar to me. I was experiencing them for the first time.

This was a very powerful experience and the sense that I have of it is that the Unity Grid encountered the photon belt. It was like using a laptop computer with the batteries and then plugging it into the wall charger and using it. None of the programming changed at all, but the display was brighter and it operated a bit more quickly. It was simply as if the new enhanced what the Unity Grid was trying to do with just a few minor additions.

I am struck by the thought that while we are all individually trying to ascend, Gaia is ascending at the same time. So relatively speaking there seems to be no apparent outward in respect with us to our environment. This is especially of interest since these waves seem to be activating ALL LEVELS and DENSITIES. Our environment is being locked in place around us as each of our astral bodies are activated. I sense this as a of the status quo rather than major earth changes. So as puts it, how do 5th density beings live in a 3rd dimensional world? How do we continue to pay the bills while the Unity Grid purges the incompatible elements from it?

In summary this new moon seems to activate all possible astral bodies while activating all possible earth environments around us as well giving an empowered feeling but leaving us in the same environment. The real change is that from this moment on things will never be the same as we create the world that we desire to live in. The catch is that we create it from our current physical circumstances.