2 May 2012

: Nine

A conscious sock adorns your foot as you step across a body of current-driven rivers of . Five created the sock as your soul directed. Six created the brown puddle of mud you stepped in on your way to greener pastures of Soul Farm.

Six. Nature proceeds to do its best to confound the nodding petals of the daffodil with the quarter of climate, drought and stress. Blooms are rocked by today’s storm and racked by tomorrow’s north wind. Still they cross the way to your vase and sag. Creatures nibble at their tender bulbs and put their feet on their all-too-delicate stalks. Is this the evidence of a kind and benevolent reality? Love allows such kinds of negligent carnage? Not letting this pretty little flower open or that child see a day of sweetness is the reality put in place by Six. Six is a critical dimensional weave of the matrix reality springs from. Nature relies on Six for its operational development and dot-to-dot nodal movement. Growing is a function of Six.

World affairs are also a function of Six, driving entire groups of people round and round a group of reasons why this and why that, bumping along the way “no, no my dear” constantly to be in the same place as “you must be reasonable” and “daft you are,” so you can see them and create a beyond the loopy so-called “normal” world. Only a collision of realities can create one. Only a process of total non-governmental government is the way out of your current core conflict.

Problems are a necessary part of Six’s creativity. It is impossible to create anything without confronting a nest of choices. Reality is the result of today’s choices becoming tomorrow’s situations and day after’s ideal results — or more choices. Before Six’s natural tally of work is done, many choices will have been made, crossed out and made again. Now, decisions are processes of learning. No decision is made without some dreaming of potential downfalls. However, often decisions are made without the slightest attention given to potential calamities. Life progresses nonetheless, so it must be a system of some merit, even though it is one that includes problems as its reality-building logical framework. You tend to shy away from systems which create problems — understandably, but don’t discount the value of reconciliation.

Real people are salad-making with an array of situations, realities and tiny energetic shifts, each trusting it is the best one for natural savory flavor and a good, healthy, necessary . Each of the promises made says “I will perform best according to your needs and wishes. I will flavor your with the best real understanding of yourself. I am the doer of your soul’s bidding.” Play by the rules and you don’t have a , right? The keeper of the rules can say there’s no , but all there is is status quo, and that isn’t the same as “no .” All that is is denial.

Problems are by their nature disagreeable to one who seeks peace and balance and believes that is found in keeping things on an even keel. “Never mind” only creates other situations in which reality serves up an “uh-oh.” Before problems become problems is always a moment of romping with denial. Or playing with fire without realizing that’s what you’re playing with — which leads to paying with more than you want. Naturally, knowledge prevents doing without the benefit of making mistakes. Loss of need to learn constitutes making a mistake in judgment, for never is there nothing left to learn until the soul comes to its point of love of self as love of all. Vanity of vanities is to think you are learning all your lessons without encountering any problems. Understanding comes only on taking into consideration that your real or imagined fears are those things you have not fully understood. Sanity suggests you examine all possibilities before deciding on a best course of action.

As you calibrate your ability to create experiences you consider more dark or bright in their total nature, you are naturally making decisions about everything. You decide how to answer a question, when to initiate action, loud or quiet air use, soft or hard arenas of interaction, knowing or not knowing, choosing or losing, appearing or disappearing, moving or remaining, et cetera. Most you do unaware that you are choosing, or even that a choice exists, nailing a door shut that you haven’t even opened yet. Deciding without examining all choices removes a realm of possibility from your total energetic potential of creatively ordering reality from dark to light, putting into place drama, sarcasm and . You can’t if you don’t diametrically oppose your realities and see how the other side walks. A surprising amount of sane people have never even given it a second thought. Most haven’t, but most fastidiously remain entrenched in ruts of their own making. That’s just how they are, they say. That’s probably funny to grown adults, but preposterous to a child. A child is continuously romping from understanding to understanding and has no ability to tell if one way of acting or another is more desirable until experiencing consequences and learning to choose. An adult in a rut has only chosen habitually and has little reason to want to choose otherwise. To do so would be to them really insane. Six acts with greatest dramatic effect to show how poor that decision-making apparatus is in the face of the richness of tandem explorations of alternate realities.

Six very calmly decides — according to more than you know you’re mapping out — how to arrange reality so your experience is one of satisfaction to your soul. Knowledge is of great service in your soul’s quest for celestial reapportioning, your journey home to your origins. You must know who you are to find out where you came from and eventually return to, having undergone complete transmutation from thought to being to more. You need experience in all natural situations to gain that knowledge. You usually don’t want to embark on journeys you fear will lead to harm, or worse. However, these are exactly the experiences which dramatically increase your chances of choosing becoming nearer to your divine self. Knowledge of self and proximity to self create a most powerful occurrence, returning one to his origins as profoundly as possible.

Messy to many are the perpetual problems they encounter. To do what they consider to be the best for all concerned and see results that aren’t good for anyone perpetuates the belief that life is sad, keeping the hard realities of the sad things on their minds always. To do for yourself what is good for all does everyone benefit on all levels, perfecting all in their soul’s natural quest for total experience and integration. No one benefits when one doesn’t benefit. Perfection of experience is in understanding all in divine certainty of the oneness and omnipresence of the divine self. That requires a far-reaching dream of creating a future of balance, order and divine understanding. How? By fearlessly experiencing all possibilities and understanding all as divine mind playing various games with creating love.

Maddening delays do not speak for a far-reaching success story called Life. All the natural world is familiar with waiting. Patience brings reward, whether it’s dinner for a renegade doing a job lasting longer than expected or rim of mountain reached by a climber seeking comfortable natural settlement. All you are doing in either case is not being at the same point in time as perfectly as you are as the point of Now you’re experiencing. As many realize to their delight, being in two places and creating real live doorways from one Now to another is not so much a remembering of lost facts as it is awareness of knowledge you already possess. Dramatic crossing of realities really isn’t a problem. It’s a solution to large situational manifestations of and creations of faulty . Do not consider a problem to be a problem but rather an opportunity to do, do, do what you need now and cross a doorway from one reality into another. You wonder how? We offer this.

On your reality of rim of mountain home being comfortably reached: See yourself waking to a cozy fire, a nice breakfast — a doorway is created. All you have to do is see your hand on the doorknob, turning it and opening the door, and that reality becomes a real reality. Quite that simple? Yes. But our assessment adds another dimension of action which you do not possess, and that is the belief that you can leave one reality while still operating in another. And you can. It is as simple as ripping a seal of an envelope.

Reality stacks reality on top of another, and reality also passes between the stacks laterally. Locks and keys are constructs of mind applied to prevent leakage from one reality to another. In truth, as you integrate realities parallel to your now-experience, you are accessing the entryway to alternative being. If it is one you find appealing, no problem integrating it, right? But when you come face to face with aspects of being which you find rather repulsive, well, integration appears to be a problem. That is knowledge of Six.

You are creatures of dramatic attention-getting creativity. You tend to need demonstrations of playing with on a level of reality you call Now and believe to be separate from all other possible Nows. Such a perception only leads to conflict between what you desire to experience and what you see in front of your eyes. When the two don’t pattern a harmonic resonance, you are all a-twitter, with cringing and draining being channeled in the direction of natural knowledge of Problem. What you can do to alleviate your discomfort is to amass a surplus of energetic overtones and modulate them to harmonize with a tone you want to experience. You can do this by dreaming your creative desire awake. On the , it sounds like a stock answer to a trite question. How do I get to where I want to be? You create a picture and walk into it. But that’s pretty much how it works.

To do it takes a sort of spearhead approach. Rich or poor, friend or foe, all is on a continuum of frequency. More attention is given to an area and it creates itself to be cast as your experience. Far and wide you may travel to seek an experience you crave, but all you need to do is see yourself having the experience and it will be your experience. No problems. Knowledge and occurrence are aligned. Land of created reality is closer than you might realize, as far away as your doubts. As you come to greater integration of aspects of your soul’s diversity of experience, both of the basic dimensions of ascending and descending are brought into a natural dramatic partnership. Navigation up and down becomes navigation in and out. All that offers is arranged in a double helix. Knowledge of all kinds, large and small, dark and bright, you are able to understand based on an internal geometry rolling more notably in your blood than in your mind. It is not in the geometry of so-called scientific definitions but of DNA that OM’s wisdom is found.

Life’s outward manifestation as form has its basis in thought. Reality does not create, generate or objectify anything. Reality merely reflects thought and polarities of charge. Polarity can be positive/negative, dark/bright of course, but it can also be knowledge and religious dogmatic prison, solace and negligence, and poison, and so on. Six pits polarity against polarity, and not without some work do the wrongs create a healing wholeness of right. By only focusing on what is wrong, you remain in a place of questioning non-receptively. Knowledge cannot salt the broiled questions kept over the fire of human anger, and understanding gets positively charred in the process. What is needed is balance, love and tolerance. Polarity of irritation and acceptance is bridged in this way, leading to joy.

Last of Six’s territory is a nest of vipers. More than you might think, this is a problem of perception only, and not of serious nature. Six weaves massively large distances together, doing a lot of dragging and winding along the way. Naturally, much of Six’s work appears snarled and unorganized, but Six is also a master logician and has everything logically sorted to achieve the greatest fundamental creativity possible with the same amount of joy. Contrary to what problems may appear to be, Six only aims at joy. Mastery of natural phenomena to whatever degree leads to quaking joy. As reality unfolds and offers greater creative possibility, you see Six’s tangles. You don’t have understanding of Six’s logic if that remains all you see. You move beyond the present logical construct of reality and drink the waters of pure apparent contradiction, and then you can begin to see the rather beautiful logic of Six.

Basically a contradiction brings to the surface nerves of nervous nature. Your parts are wired to sanctity of life, and yet are capable of doing death-dealing violence. How is it naturally possible for you to be able to act in opposition to your primary nature? Six is the weave that makes it so. By wiring your nervous system to be able to override the natural-born life-appreciating sensory drive, Six offers the ability to transcend all the dross and bring gold to the surface of even the most putrid and repulsive of realities. Six equips you with natural abilities which are only reserved for coming to your awareness during times of stressing the system with contradictions so powerfully deadly in their manner of expression that a normal person becomes not-normal to themselves. At that point, Six is of a status whereby Six transforms one person into another for the purpose of awakening the soul to a greater part of its divinity. Naturally, it is a difficult transition for most people to make, but Six can do it with ease. If you can learn the logic of Six without fear tripping you up, you can bring yourself to a level of mastery that you probably have never before imagined not only possible, but necessary to your soul’s creation as love in action. Let us illustrate with another story. This is one of our favorites.

Crossing from one side of a river to the other sat a bridge. Under that bridge sat a troll. The troll napped most of the time, dreaming of sandy beaches, of oceans full of dolphins playing and cavorting in the waves. On occasion, forgetting himself, he would pray out loud for another troll to play with, be friends with, and share his dreams with. One day, a troll came to his bridge and wanted to cross. The first troll was overcome with joy and gratitude that his prayers were answered. Believing the visitor to be potentially a friend, he peered out from under the bridge and was horrified at the other troll’s appearance. He was ugly, dirty and rancid-smelling. What kind of answered prayer was this? he wondered. Brought to me by what kind of god? Anger at such a nasty result to his heartfelt prayer boiled in his normally placid breast. “Cost for crossing is your life!” he cried out. Uncharacteristic rage created fury, fury created dramatic action, and the other troll found himself dead under the bridge. Remorse set in, but silence provided no comfort. Anger reminded him of its presence, yet offered no solace. Beneath the bridge the corpse of the potential friend lay stinking with him. Alone he sat, more alone than ever. Soon another troll appeared, this one more ugly, dirty and smelly than the first. Anger reassembled fury and added insult to injury, and soon there were two stinking corpses under the bridge. What now? he thought. Who have I dragged out of myself, and how do I return to my happy dreams of dolphins and waves? He pondered and pondered, and the corpses stank and stank. He grew accustomed to the smell and even grew to be a little fond of them — whoever they were. Part of his reality under the bridge created another part, as part of his psyche created another psyche. Thus was he able to kill. Thus was he given the opportunity to see himself as others saw him: ugly, dirty, and smelly. He dreamt of dolphins, and believed them to be his friends. When his prayers produced the trolls, he was faced with a contradiction. What would he do with it? He reacted with the basest of emotional frequencies, which was anger, violence and self-hatred. He had to create a harmonic resonance between that and his inner dream to be a cavorting dolphin in order to progress beyond his state as an ugly, dirty, smelly troll. What he did to the other trolls he did to himself.

How you choose to respond to anything is how you see Six in your nature. You respond to the charge of one polarity meeting the charge of another polarity. That is the action of Six. Lack of joy makes an experience more unpleasant, while an understanding of the logic of Six as polarity regulator empowers you to assess and choose according to that which creates the highest degree of harmonic resonance. Choosing to see yourself as an ugly troll or a cavorting dolphin is choosing to see others as a reflection of yourself. Choosing to see a conflict as a conflict or as an opportunity for breaking free from natural boundaries of mental rigidity opens up doors where before were only walls.

Six also deals with perceptions of cruelty, injustice and pestilence. Just as tempting as proving that cruelty lacks any connection to love may be, it is just as pointless. Cruelty, like love and hate, is merely a stop along a continuum. It is part of a quest for experience, part of the overall rather dramatic process of the totality of being. Six naturally practices certain operative actions humans find uncomfortable — sometimes to the extreme. God proceeds to exist even in those situations, even amid the worst suffering imaginable. Questing after experience of cruelty, injustice and sanity-breaking suffering offers God — offers OM — a son and daughter of today who tomorrow greatly bequeaths personal understanding of love at a soul level. Thus an avenue of greater understanding of love also becomes an avenue of greater service to OM, and greater service to OM allows the soul greater ability to integrate all aspects of itself into a wholeness of perfection. For it is in service to something greater than self that self can experience satisfying comfort of the reality of love in the arms of a greater love than it previously had ever known. A god who can allow the self to explore the entirety of the spectrum of emotional and mental frequency is a greater god than one who limits the self. A god who never on any account gets in the way of a soul’s natural blossoming, who absorbs the frequencies of anger, hatred, and terror and transmutes them into the harmonic of love, that is a great god indeed. And that is a mirror of the divinity residing in each cell of your being, which reflects the syllable “OM.”

Bring all your fear to Six’s safe arms. All of them are nurtured by Six, allowed to prove the rare opalescent nature of sun-of-OM on the soul open to transfiguration. Bring your necessary, under, over and between, more or less sane beliefs about another reality besides the rather neatly organized one most people operate in, besides the one you operate in that makes you comfortable in your discomfort. Bring your shadows out to play with Six, and witness them become enrobed in a garment of light. Six orchestrates, modulates, transposes, and knows how to produce an overpoweringly beautiful drama of transformation of base-to-divine awareness. As your senses sharpen with experience, Six’s cruel design will become more readily discernable as a thing of beauty, grace, and joy. This is not to say that suffering is part of your real dream, but that suffering becomes part of your reality for as long as your soul requires for the experiences of relief, comfort and joy to be totally integrated into your overall, fundamental and operational nature. Any form of what is perceived as suffering by anyone else goes by the name of love. Once you understand the logic of Six, only love is perceived everywhere. Suffering is subjective and may be transcended at any time you wish merely by saying you wish to transcend and seeing what comes as an answer and a reflection, both of the divine nature of being which is in all. Seeing everything thus, you empower yourself to reflect precisely what you wish to be. Six at that point has created a soul-to-soul transparency between you and OM. In this way, then, it can be said that suffering brings one closer to God. But what must be added is that suffering is a transformational tool and can be brought into harmonic resonance with love by choosing to see one’s reflection in all things, and greeting that reflection with love and acceptance of pure and perfect freedom to change it by seeing the divine within reflected in all things.

At least Six pancakes between Five and Seven, for keeping on the Six weave all the time gets to be exhausting. The best of Five is its pretty baubles, while the best of Seven is its awe-inspiring world of wonder. So let us not wait another moment…

(Seven to come…)