15 April 2012

: Nine

Love pours through One as cutting pours through scissors, creating…
Two. Now we arrive at the point of duality of being. You exist in a sea of duality and perceive it all as only wet. A lopsidedness to your sailing can only be expected. Do not panic, you will not have more to paddle through than is safe sailing weather. Dual notions, you see. Rolling waves and smooth-appearing navigational radio signals co-exist, and you only ride along, creating ripples as you go. Yet driving you along are great undulations, disturbances in the down and up of OM’s vibration. Even the One contains seeds of Two. On the other hand, Two contains the potential of One.
Let us illustrate with a story. Recently, North Lafton was yammering about people working too hard. South Direville had very hard-working people who were concerned with OMing and playing. Very soon, both were poetically tampered with by West Nag, who kept reminding them about the near-catastrophic conditions of their round co-star East Rant. The people of East Rant and West Nag had a rather big source of worry, which was constant laughing that kept distracting their residents from the sole source of their livelihood of nagging and ranting. Now, you know how gallant people can be when they’re reminded very roughly to do one thing when they probably don’t want to. You only have to guess what became of the suggestion once the people nagged and ranted at told what they thought of it. Nags and ranters didn’t appreciate their response, and said so. Rants and nags conspired to contain the close-formed communities and were to some degree successful. Because laughter can seldom be contained, however, pauses were all they could manage. Young and old laughed, rich and poor laughed, you see. Knowledge of duality and fun are quite compatible. One is fun. Two doesn’t so much introduce not-fun as it laughs freely and lovingly at Personality swaggering with its big Satanic notions of self as world.

Laughter has a huge impact on people’s ability to raise their level of sanity. Could you manage to have nasty notions of someone who focused your on panes of glass above your head breaking from laughter? Could you worry about anything nasty, laughing about its vast number of laughable snafus or comic outcomes? Knowledge of Two is knowledge of laughter, of doing half-nonsensical dreaming at a consciousness normally asleep and nonsense-less. Gosh, maybe God plays! We have news for you — God finds knowledge very funny indeed. Yet most regard God with fear, odious morbidity, or cavalier dangled certainty of purpose despite being grossly, vastly off-target about what practices God practices on God’s side of the equation that they’re trying to make add up to One. It doesn’t make any less powerful to be happy, but it does less power need.
On the other hand, rotten attitudes are consumptive attitudes. Old fruit, unless preserved, will tend to rot and spread rot. Low vibrations very high vibrations cannot alter, but will pollute the spectrum of pawns and slower-vibrational entities. You have seen the effects of fruit spoiled by one bad apple. That is the natural effect of vibrations mixing. Driving rot is low-frequency vibrational patterns leading not-so-strong frequencies to messy ends. Messy patterns cannot move very well on their own, nor can they do much under their own power. Do you feel like low-vibrational entities empower you to be full of your own volition? Only if that which you are empowered to do is what they will, as patterned, is there any sense of power.
However, love robs no one of anything. Only natural power and real prowess are gained in loving, in making oneself less odiously morbid and keeping yet-rotten attitudes coffined and buried in a graveyard of dead personas. You are not your rotten attitude — you are merely subject to emotional perceptions based on beliefs. Of course, you can change your beliefs by changing your mind. Rotten can become completely new in a . Anything can. Understand our emphasis here is on “anything.&;
Now back to Two. If One is “ from God to Beingness,” Two is “ to Jovial Crowbar of Perception.” You realize you are you having an experience of being you, and not a dream, not a of a frowning, peevish, worship-seeking god quietly tallying rolls of great or terrible deeds. You are unfolding, questing after experience of itself, closely roaming in corridors of The Possible. Lots of roaming you do, quite unaware. No sleep doesn’t involve some roaming, and no roaming doesn’t involve some portal-crossing. Portals are not only dimensional doorways, they are crossings in the weave of more numbers than your brain can hold at this point on your long journey of knowingness. Knowledge frosts over your perceptive window, however, leaving you blind and out in the cold. Let us warm you with boiling-hot roiling laughter in the form of a slow burn of a joke.
Real big breath now… Do you have any more air in your lungs? Mash it out and inhale yellow sunlight. Allow it to fill you with warmth and light. Feel every cell expand in the porous knowledge of flowing sunlight. Rest and allow yourself to absorb warmth and loving rays of particles of God radiating from the orb in the sky. Your sun has a great personality, you know, nice and rosy, quite a beamer of love and joy. You probably didn’t realize the extent of your sun’s nocturnal activities, but it keeps shining all the time, even when you can’t see it.
Now, light and shadow play hide-and-seek with each other on your world and on many others. The game gets pretty tough sometimes, as corridors open and shut and re-open however they are impulsed to. You play from now, not counting to a hundred but to infinity, constantly trying to find the light. Your only notion of being crazy is created when you forget you are playing a game and honor the appearance of the loss of light.
Errors in judgment pull you further away from home. Your homeland is not the sorry state you see. Your homeland is in the far reaches of the star-flooded sky. Know you are playing hide-and-seek with yourself. You are reaching out in the dark with your grasping hands in an attempt to find something familiar. You readily accept part for whole without realizing you have hold of only a shadow. How do you get out of the game and back home? Create a way. All you see is of your own creation anyway. You see the substance of particulate composition of thought.
Creation is co-directional, meaning it passes from one portal through corridors of manifestation and lands on the other side of another portal. You have control over landing spot and sampling of the lateral possible random situations, on the basis of which you choose your best course of action. Creation brings up the past as memory, quiet or loud in its laughter or tears. Manifestation tampers with your mind, not your animosity or rare humor.
Although you do have probable creations lodged in your so-called creative direction and imagination, you rarely access them because your rational mind gets in the way. No rational renegades roam the creative corridors of co-creative daring, however. Quite the contrary. The denizens of dreams are really pure formed as probable yous. Stalwart mental students of co-creation inevitably do their rancorous bow to their innate irrational divinity and let go of crammed rational energies as a creative impulse clears long-blocked channels, allowing real creativity to drench their souls and pulse the sane rational ramblings of their now-awakened minds. Boom, like that, all is changed. Knowledge and wisdom are within, not without. All you have to do is a sideways shuffle.
Yet, how? And are you able? Yes, you are. “How” looks like a random event but is a major reality slide crafted by your soul, long before you suspect any such happening is in the works. Various branches of the same tree, Possibility, all share one trunk. Likewise, you create branches of creative possibility which access alternate corridors of reality, shaped by your preferences, beliefs and needs. Reason prefers a rational approach, serious and well thought-out. Creativity rather would like to set an intention and see how things unfold. Neither is “wrong” or “right.” Both are viable, both are co-creating, both are from OM. Mastery of the two vital general principles of co-creation is a specialty of Two. Creation is One. Co-creation is Two. Know other, no other.
Do not the Nots also have a story to tell? Brother, do they! That which we record mentally as Not is not the same as your rational mind doing heavy dark or light light reasoning. Or, not getting Not out of existence by pure logic is an opportunity for love to experience something it didn’t realize about love ever before, again. What one does, other does not. Both do, but create slavery or co-create heaven. Close together are they, but the difference is dramatically odd. Creating slavery lacks love of self, nothing else. Both practice brotherhood, benevolence and blood. Divinity adds only love of what is peering back in the mirror. Only OM carries that frequency in the totality of its expression.
Co-creation lasts as long as you want it to. Practically, alas, amounts of your energy is glad to maintain outmoded manifestations of suffering, guilt and self-deception, which you are apt to give over your divine nature to in return for security of the familiar. Of course, it is your energy to do with what you please, but understand this: You are free to choose from all your alternate realities how your find a resonant frequency.
You must understand what Two represents. God thinks — that is what One fields realize (by “realize” we mean “to make real”). God laughs at God’s own sense of humor, even if that humor is other than what you might consider funny — that is the energy of Two. You know funny and you know serious and you know catastrophically tragic. You do not necessarily see them all as funny. Rogue realities aren’t funny, but from a perspective of sitting outside of time, outside linearity of thought, you can achieve creative triumphs of the soul and create joy out of poverty of substance.
Understand you are energy. All you see and experience is energy. How you put energy together is only temporary. You can rearrange it any time you want to change your experience of it. Know reality is as pliable as bread dough, and can be re-formed and re-made satisfyingly.