4th May 2012

Otius from the planet Exortia.
Channeled by Asanda.

We the Galactic of Light you all in your aim to better yourself for the New . We know how difficult it is to negate from all the negativity that bombards you all at this time. All the information that comes from us our Galactic Forces is not what you experience on yet, as the timing on your is different then here in this our Star Space "the Galaxy". We the Galactic Forces admire all of you "the Light workers" for keeping the faith, in this important venture, " the Ascension". We also enjoy the company of all you Light workers who keep us informed by telepathy and channeling, even if it is sometimes hard to establish a link with us the Galactic of Light. We keep on thanking you for this eternal effort and companionship, as it is very important to us the Galactic Forces. Our aim with the full support of the Godhead, is to establish an eternal Peace in this your , and without your help we cannot aid you, as you all have your Free Will to be able to assist with this Ascension.

Your D.N.A. change is happening very slowly, time here is of no consequences. Earth has a different time system as ours. On December the 21st 2012 you will have noticed a big change on Earth. We the with all the Forces in the Universe have all our star ships waiting for the sign of You the Earth's inhabitants to invite us to your planet Earth, until than we are quiet willing to wait for the invite to happen. We the have one concern, the Threat of Nuclear Power that you the earth people so easily play with. It is a big concern here in our Galaxy, as it also will be very harmful to the other planets in the Universe. We will endeavour to stop this "threat" of Nuclear Power for our own interest here in our Galaxy. We sincerely hope that the inhabitants on Earth are with us to stop this monumental threat that is looming over the earth by people that have no interest in Peace. I Otius with the full support of the will now leave this channel, with Love and Peace to all humans on earth, Aloha.