Linda Dillon channels Grener of of , President of the Intergalactic . Hosted by Geoffrey West. Produced by Graham Dewyea.

Grener discusses the Neptune exhibition and his regret that it didn't occur. His intent was to have it be a positive experience where starseeds could return to visit and others could visit as well. It was to be an opportunity to educate that our family has been with us since the beginning and that they are here to help. They are so eager to have full with us. He wanted to wait for a time to address the exhibition to let things settle a bit. Some have come to the and they have been working with us individually to heal and clear. They are constantly assisting humanity and Gaia. They have no agenda other than to assist.

The exhibition showcased how eager earth humans are to have full contact. He stresses that they are far from perfect and they don't put themselves above us. They wish to be thought of as our closest allies. There are a mass of forces on the ground and around earth now.

Our star brothers and sisters find it difficult to deal with human discordant energies. He discussed a process for how they help us raise our vibrations and how they deal with lower vibrations when on earth.

There is no conflict or anger aboard ship. There is cooperation, laughter, joy, discernment and prudence. He discusses humor as an important aspect of joyful living. Communication is largely telepathic.

They are continuing to work with world leaders and many are ready for Disclosure. Jaden Smith's conversation with about aliens was planned to help move the issue forward.

Music: Pachelbel's Canon and Mike Roland – Son of the Light

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