Please continue to live your lives as masters of light. We do not deny that what we may forsee in future days may not turn out to be accurate. When we comment on things, it means this will occur when all continues as it is now. Should there be a dramatic alteration to that course of , my context will be altered at that moment. Nothing cannot be changed by divine decree. However, what I am concerned about in your realm is very different than simply altering a cause and effect drama, as it includes all of your dreams and answers for the human .

We want you to continue the ongoing development of human mastery and not be caught in the destruction of the masses you are inhabiting. Once before we had this same dance to deal with, and most of you chose to come home and miss the next drama. Mass clearing of Atlantis was done by the Galactic then—it happened in a few days of human time, before the changes to the land masses damaged your psyches. We don't have the same options now, because the Atlantians were confident that they were being given another opportunity to continue their claim to mastery. Now there are more obstacles to clearing your damaged continents then there was then, the main one being the negative attitudes that would disqualify many from moving towards the Galactic mobile devices. Most would deny their friendship and many would make war against them. So we have only ascension as your answer to continuing life in another dimension. When Mother is newly created, the ascended beings will lead the way to another human continuum. All who do not ascend may incarnate again in other areas of the galaxy, one at a time in their new forms, but they will not move there en-mass from 's atmosphere.

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