This is Part 2 of the same channeling I received at Hutchinson Island, FL, on May 12. I chose to give this part it's own separate , due to the unusual subject . A friend in one of my groups asked me to have the dolphins explain why so many are dying off right now. They heard and they responded. Please take note that I deliver the messages exactly as I receive them, and some portions of this may not sit well with everyone. As for myself, having spent so much of my life as an animal-rights activist and possessing a huge empathetic connection with all members of the this kingdom, this was a difficult post for me to write. I was really surprised by some of what the dolphins had to say. But then again, from a purely spiritual perspective, I can understand what it was that they wanted to convey to us. So hear them out and form your own opinion. I welcome all of your comments on this issue.

The Crystal Pod speaks:

Dear Sister, a most profound question was posed to you of late regarding the increase in beachings and strandings of our kind, which has been occurring with increasing frequency these several months past. We thank your brother of the light for this inquiry. You ask Us what the reason is for these mass departures. Why do we strand ourselves upon the oceans' shores? Clearly we are an intelligent species, can we not tell that we are too close to land? Why do we swim again and again, after , into the same bays and estuaries where we had but a day before lost many of our own? Do we not know what is to be the result? Well, we say to you, yes. Not every , but in many cases, yes, we are very much aware.

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