-Channeled through Wes Annac-

The frequency of your bodies and of your experiences alike is increasing so very rapidly at this point, and this accelerated phase of your ascension process has been planned for quite a long time. You have been preparing for this period you are now currently finding yourselves in, as well as for the period directly ahead for there will be so very much happening that will make your heads spin and that you will need the preparation for that you have been giving yourselves and undergoing whilst in the sleep realms.

As you know at this point, we here in the astral realms of your assist in the movements of energy taking place throughout all of Gaia's astral realms, and we oversee the production and continuation of realms of the lower dimensions of such as yours.

If only you could fathom the many layers and realms of the lower dimensional and higher dimensional Earth experience, as you could not currently fathom the bulk and the enormity of the jobs that we are here to bring forth happily. Service-to-others becomes the primary means of Living and the primary basis of each and every mission that one sets out on upon ascending into higher states of consciousness.

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