I come to you this morning with some on the homefront. is where the is and when the is involved it is so closely associated with as to be one and the same.

I speak of this because of the increasing amount of heart energy that is being broadcast throughout the universe. There is a tremendous vibratory essence that is being felt by many people on the planet. It is resounding throughout those on the surface as well as the beings within. It is bringing a great deal of love forward in resonance with the ones who live within the earth.

As this takes place there is a ringing in the stratosphere that speaks to the other beings in the universe of the coming changes on earth. It is a wonderland of change that is speaking its vibratory message to all of existence. As the ones who are backing up the coming transitional movements on earth get to the place where they are ready to spring it all forth, there will be a considerable resistance to it. There will be a degree of disbelief in what is going to be broadcast. It will be a gift for those of you who know of the coming changes, to share what you know with those who will listen. It will spark some growth of knowledge with many of them, and that will spring them forward to recognizing more and more of what they have been hiding from their consciousness.

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