Good day, Beloveds. I am your Lady, the Master of Venus and keeper of the flames of beauty, and gentle grace- in this, your rapidly evolving planetary neighborhood. It is my privilege to speak with you now form my home, Venus, twinflame to your own sacred Earth. Indeed, the celestial bodies are twinflame embodiments also, as is the Creator has made. Animal, mineral, plant or elemental; all possess the twin elements of the masculine and the feminine. We are all created as the 2-in-1, in search of the ultimate balance between these elements within us. Be assured that I am here along with the many Masters, overlighting your journey with the vibrations of kindness and love, and assisting you in making them manifest within your physical reality. Be the essence of this kindness and love in that you do, and never for a moment doubt that you are honored in the eyes of all who behold you.

I am visiting this day to impart to you a specific knowledge, this being information about the most common of twinflame dynamic. Not the of human to human contact, where the two souls determine to incarnate together into the same physical time and space, in which they rediscover each other upon the planet and live happily forever after. Not this, while although perfectly plausible and equally beneficial to both parties involved, is actually quite rare; not at all the norm. Many of you are desperately in search of that special one, the perfect partner who will compliment you in all ways. And I say yes, such a one does most certainly exist with you upon the same physical plane. In most instances this would be the soulmate, or member of your star family, your crewmate or incarnational partner over the ages. This is a most desirable basis for union, as more often than not you share a mutual mission and outlook on life. Today, however, I choose to speak of the other . The twinflames who are both here and there, holding hands across the dimensions.

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