As more of you are awakening to the truth about your reality, so the levels of consciousness are rising never to return to the lower levels that you existed in. Since you are One each of you affects each other on the conscious level, and as you lift up others they are lifted with you. Having reached your present level, it becomes easier to comprehend the greater truths about you and your existence. As you how powerful you are, that knowledge can be put to to continue your journey to Ascension. You can for example your to protect yourselves from the lower energies that are all around you. You can do it by visualising yourself wrapped in a Light , that you know as your aura. It can be damaged by negative emotions particularly such as anger, and also sound if it is very loud and high pitched. Once your aura is damaged you will be prone to illness and disease. If you feel that you have been affected, use your to visualise it intact all around your physical body.

As you move on to the higher dimensions you will find that your power of thought will substantially increase, to the point where you will be able to create. In fact you have the potential power of a God, but by the time you reach that level you will also have complete and utter control over your thoughts. At your present level you can already learn how to self heal, and all it requires is absolute in your power to do so. Sometimes you have the desire to do it, but you harbours doubts and it does not happen. You can extend these ideas to acquiring what you want, and those with strong willpower are successful. Have faith and in your abilities and you can go far, and once ascended you will indeed realise your true potential.

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