We come to guide and to support as the time that has always been stated approaches. In the "history" of human kind there has been an event that has been stated and all humans are now looking to this event with wonder. We are here to confirm through our channel that the information regarding this event is TRUTH.

Much has occurred around the timeline that YOU are in and much has been distorted to create a lower energy signature in general for the human race, this event is NOT one of those distortions. We are here to guide in detail for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. We guide the time of the NEW earth is now in the physical, the shifting of energies, the raising of vibration has created this event that has always been stated.

We wish to guide further on the creation of an event in a timeline for those who are in the NOW. It may be confusing for the human mind to work with the NOW and the creation and we will do our best to explain this to YOU.

We have guided on dreaming and the importance of collective dreaming, this is where the vibrations of those who hold the codes for the new earth merge with those who are in human form and able to dream. The dream councils are now reporting that the dreaming has created what it was designed to create. This is down to YOU dear humans for YOU have allowed the dreaming SELF to enter the void and to create. This is the way that all civilizations that are not on earth work and how the new earth that is created for the peoples of the planet earth will work.

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