Jared Ayden — Source: Know that you are loved May 17, 2012

My beloved, take a seat at the .
You want to know about the process of letting go and obstacles during your . You hoped for an easy , but you are also confronted with your shadow sides. Fortunately, you are open to suggestions, so let us begin.

Know that all is well, Ascension is not always a joyful experience, there will be some mud coming up to the surface and it must be cleared. Know that all is well, regardless of how it feels, do not be tempted to feel guilt or to old patterns of thought. This is the that was talked about and this is temporary.
Try to keep in mind that this is literally a cleanup of old stuff that you collected during many lifetimes and buried, so it creates a bit of chaos, but embrace it and rejoice that it comes up and then release it. Yes, rejoice that it comes up, because what comes up now has no place in higher dimensions. What you release is immediately replaced by Love.
Painful, yes very painful, but it is not failure, on the contrary, you now have the opportunity to see what is happening and consciously choose to let go of the illusion. You will get the hang of it and you will see that you manage to get back into balance faster and faster.
We urge you again to ask, ask, ask, all the help is available to you. Know that you are loved, that your return is guaranteed and that there is no separation.

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