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ou are each an of the Divine Being. You are each cell in that Body. And jut a the cell of your body don't exactly know what you are up to all of the time, o you do not have acce to the whole picture while you are immered in phyical . It' OK. You are till part of the Whole Being that i God: All That I: ource.

ource ee the world through every one of you. ource know and experience life through each of you. A we have aid before, without you, ource ha nowhere to go.

Why do we emphaize thi o often? Becaue you mut know, acknowledge, who you are in all of thi, in order to realize it—to make it phyical—and realize the fullne of your potential here. And the ource of All want you to figure it out o that you expre more, live more, experience more. You cannot fulfill your potential while you regard yourelf a a little peck, or ee yourelf a omehow inignificant; it' jut not true.

You are God. If that i too much for you, then think of God a being you; you are a microcomic reflection and reenactment of All That I. God realize Himelf through you. The univere i woefully incomplete without you.

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