ou are each an of the Divine Being. You are each cells in that Body. And just as the cells of your body don't exactly know what you are up to all of the time, so you do not have access to the whole while you are immersed in form. It's OK. You are still part of the Whole Being that is God: All That Is: Source.

Source sees the world through every one of you. Source knows and experiences through each of you. As we have said before, without you, Source has nowhere to go.

Why do we emphasize this so often? Because you must know, acknowledge, who you are in all of this, in order to it—to make it physical—and the fullness of your potential here. And the Source of All wants you to figure it out so that you express more, live more, experience more. You fulfill your potential while you regard yourself as a little speck, or see yourself as somehow insignificant; it's just not .

You are God. If that is too much for you, then think of God as being you; you are a microcosmic reflection and reenactment of All That Is. God realizes Himself through you. The universe is woefully incomplete without you.

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