3 May 2012

Empathy is not always about feeling what other people feel and its resulting compassion or negative reaction. Its also about absorbing the higher energies that are sent as help for us and anchoring them into the earth. We have an important task as empaths to collectively raise the vibration of the planet. The people of the earth have been held prisoners for long enough. We dont need these leaders keeping the masses under anymore. With enough empaths combining their , we can end this cycle of oppression, and begin the golden age.

Because empaths are so sensitive, they can also pick up on the dark forces control devices quite strongly. You may have become aware of the strong magnetic waves sent across the earth inflicting fear and negativity. Its enough to make an sick, and its enough to keep people under control on a mental and emotional level without even knowing it. Their power is more than just a monetary imprisonment, its also a shroud upon the true self. Its part of our destiny to outweigh this now.

Energetically we have a lot to do, as the dark forces fight back when we begin to gain the upper hand. As soon as we achieve a certain degree of power, they come in and try to overcome us once more. Its a back and forth battle, and its not over yet. Look at the world around you. We are going to have to do our best to be strong in these times and hold a positive vibration in any way that we can. Many of us know with absolute certainty that we will succeed, and we need not wait for time for this process to unravel.

It really is up to us. We have seen how we create our and how magnetic attraction and repulsion work. We simply have to overcome their with our own creation. We may see some resistance, but we cant let it keep us down. We are so very strong. The dark forces will do much to keep us separated from our spiritual family in the physical. We can overcome this, and when reunited our vibration will amplify greatly. Not only that, but the dark forces want to keep us from our selves. This is where they cannot succeed, as everything we need is within us to get the job done, and with strength, perseverance, and help from others, we will step into our power.

The reward for the empath is not only to see what a beautiful earth we will all be able to live on together, but the best part is an open playground for the feelings of the most amazing higher dimensional energies imaginable. Lets do this, are you in?