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Wednesday, 2 May, 2012  (posted 10 May, 2012)

Dear Jennifer:  A year ago I consciously ended a with someone because I realized we were no longer at the same energetic level. I have made many shifts since then and a few days ago I reconnected with them to share the results of my transformation, hoping it would be a positive . Instead, I was thrown back into the old way that we related and I felt like all of the old flowed back into my world again. Did I open a door into the past and put myself back into these energies?

Jennifer’s Answer:  What you did was to give this another chance to reconnect at your level and you saw that they were still in the same energy, which is why you felt the energy of the past from them. The bigger issue for you is what you wanted to know by opening this connection again and what you hoped for or wanted to happen, because you had expectations from this connection, both then and now, that were not fulfilled. Did you hope that they had changed too? Were you looking for a sign that they had shifted energetically and were now ready to connect with you on a more fulfilling, joyful level? And did you hope that by sharing your experience they would want to shift too?

You wanted to share your experience with them and let them know that you had changed but they already knew that, which is why the connected ended in the first place. You have moved on and they know it, now you need to know it too. It’s part of one of the biggest challenges we face today and that is acceptance, to allow everyone to be in their own energy, even if it means that we connect to them because of the differences in our energy.

This person did not meet your expectations and you feel bad about that, maybe you see that they are capable of so much more joy and they are not able to see that for themselves. It’s wonderful to be able to see people in their highest light but we need to relate to them as they are in this moment, not as we know they can be with a little tweak here and there. In a way you did open the door to the past and you saw that it was still there, that nothing had changed. So just close the door and move on. Accept this person’s decision and choices and let them be what they need to be on their path. They cannot be what you need for them to be if they are to join you on yours.

It’s tempting to want to share our transformation with others and when we do that, we are met with one of two reactions. They are either happy and embrace it, or they feel threatened by it and reject us. You were rejected, it’s not about you, they just can’t connect with you or appreciate your shift because that is not where they are at energetically. As I said, they know you have moved on, you need to know it too. Let the door to the past stay closed, when (and if) they are ready, they will join you one day in your energetic space.

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